The Seven Seals Prophecies

And Other Signs Of The Times



What mean I of the opened seals upon the altars of mankind? Ah, indeed, it means that the truth shall be spread open before man and across those things which man has worshipped; yea, even unto the evil places and deeds shall the truth of man's journey be laid bare for ALL to see and hear--and know.

Man seeks his way among the thistles and obstacles strewn along his paths and roadways while he has become blind and deaf to that which is truth, goodly, moral and just. He has turned to join with and within the entrapments of his distractions and has fallen as he has become crushed by those things of human physical sensing until he has no way to see or hear truth, except as a lonely, screaming need for peace and joy within his broken being. But soul waits in impatience, longing for benediction of God that it might find rest within its oneness within the perfection of its birthing. No PHYSICAL "thing" fills the need, the void, of that which IS Man for man is not of the physical but of the essence of etheric coalescence wherein naught but the body is physical. If a body be broken and lost, the soul has no need to bind itself to the broken body, but to rise with the Angels unto the heights of the eagles and on into the universal Cosmos with its own.

Sometimes, precious lambs, it comes that there is a need of the body to be suppressed that the soul can find its freedom and that it might assume its rightful place as a leader of mankind, a torch of hope to others who wallow in distraction and perception of being crippled rather than handicapped in a binding of flesh and broken things physical. Sometimes the body has be stilled that the soul can hear GOD our Creator, calling out to us to "get up from thine cot and FOLLOW ME!" If you are NOT stilled enough to listen, how can ye hope to hear YOUR call? Will YOU miss your purpose in journey because you could not silence self--AND HEAR? Can you who do not walk, but could do so, fail to heed the summons? Can you not hold high your lamp, rise to your feet (never mind if there are none) and light the way for your brother that he might see that "handicapped" is not "crippled"? To be "crippled" is a perception of the mind for a totally infirmed person can be quite whole and certainly "UNcrippled" by whatever might be his circumstances. I would ask you about the definition of "paralyzed", as a for instance. We have no etheric meaning to the word for we have no need of functioning OR non-functioning BODIES, and yet we are whole and valid--why can you not rise beyond that which is PERCEPTION and into the reality of LIVING? There are none so DEAD as those who walk and breathe and live in a state of brain-dead existence while there is not even "handicap" to consider. Mankind is the limitation of CRIPPLED. Mankind is a species at the brink of "mind"-loss and when the mind is so enslaved as to find no alternative--the soul withers and passes.

How do you know when the time is upon a civilization and its days are numbered as the sheets of the calendars? By the SIGNS which are always present. Revelation is not a tale of prophesy--it is a tale of MEMORY. The signs are always the same, the sequence identical, for Evil never has to change the play.

For the evil works every time without change. YOU MUST CHANGE THE PLAY SCRIPT OR IT SHALL NOT BE CHANGED. And indeed, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN AND MUST DO IT!

As we write and the visions flow past like the flickering of a motion picture film, a great sadness overfloods the scribe for, indeed, WE SEE that which shall come and hiding the eyes helps not for the vision and truth is burned into the very soul of infinite being. The SOUL sees beyond that which is the moment and into the very soul of living matter as it is transmuted and translated and all things known upon the lands are changed and hardly any living thing remains in that which WAS. Ah, but beyond this vision is the wonder of rebirth on the other and distant side of the curtain which has blocked the view of our experiencing physical beings.

You of LIFE shall be given the ability to look back and see the journey into the infinite passages, but the dead and dying will lay before your eyes as the terrible thing it became before its own passing. From out of the very bowels of the Earth shall the weeping rise to blight the very last breaths of death of that which WAS. And our people will turn and move ever upward into the LIGHTED passage-ways of our Guardians sent to see us through this passage of death into LIFE.

This day is Christmas Eve and this, by definition, means the eve before Christ Day. Is it? Will the morrow be a day of Christ or a day of Satan (Santa)? Or, may we look ever forward and recognize that we are truly on the EVE of CHRIST's DAY? I take no note of religion or named messengers or teachers, masters or students--I speak of the LAW OF GOD which MAN HAS FORGOTTEN or refused as he sought his own recreation in the things of passing physical presence.

You take your so-called Holy Books, and then, in lack of understanding, you search for a seer to opinion his edicts upon you for you do not comprehend meaning-but then, neither does he understand and babbles his speakings as a sentence upon you.

Have you, actually, any real understanding of your "timing of sequence" in your own play? Are you entering the era of the seals? The bowls of Angels? The four horsemen? Or, have you bound Satan once and now he is loosed for his final thrust and rule over the Earth Shah? Are you to the end or the beginning of your tribulation? Will the millennium bring a return of and to God or do you move into the PLAN of the Beast? Well, everything else the beast tells you is false and a total lie--so it would appear to me that perhaps we should consider alternatives along about now.

If your assumption is according to the PLAN of the Beast, you would be given to assume the Beast will come into total power according to his own Plan 2000. HOWEVER, think again, for if he is reaching the end of his 1000 years of total rule upon the planet, having been allowed a "second" chance out of the pit--perchance can there bc HOPE for a movement beyond the next "migration" and into a time of healing and rebirthing within the Light of Creator/Creation? The last century in your counting has been about as out-of-control and negative as you can get without totally destroying your very life-structures. Did the trumpet sound heard about the world in your year of counting, 1987, be the first or the LAST? If you are "prepared", does it matter which it was or would be? If you responded to the call you are now prepared of SOUL for that recognition and have only to serve and await the interesting things which shall come to pass around you. There will be some pretty sensational things going on to write home about, chelas--IF, you don't miss the boat.

There is no "race" or "people of any group" who are culprits which have brought a planet to her knees--it is out of the very bowels of evil that usurpers and so-called illumined ones have risen in conspiracy against God's people. These puppet-masters have come from every "so-called" race and formed a creed which negates GOD CREATOR and thus is Anti-CHRIST for the term "Christ" is not a label for A man--but a state of being within the knowing and being of God (goodness).

I have been petitioned to share some spiritual "hope" with you who read our speakings and writings but what I find is that I must have something from your own species to share with you or you fail to trust enough to HEAR and SEE.

I can, and have done so, go through tie Book of Revelation and question and answer for hours upon end only to have the SAME inquiries raised again from the same inquiring minds. Therefore, as I see presentations with which I concur, I like to share THEM so that it does not appear I am a psychic nit-wit or some other dastardly ghost running around scaring your pants off you.

I am constantly accused of being nothing but a "fear-monger" and that I fail to give positive motivation and on and on as ones chastise me for my indiscretions and incapabilities ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN LEARNED WISDOM. I am amused to note that these "teachers" and would-be "instructors" have not solved the problems of your world or your species but can most certainly redirect their "druthers" onto me for utilization AFTER I have failed to act upon some idiot foolishness of someone who claims some type of leadership position to which no one save self appointed him/her. If you simply replace one slave-master with another of the same ilk (which is obviously going to happen by the definition of the term) you have worsened your position. There are no MORAL wars and there are no HOLY wars--WARS ARE OF EVIL INTENT AND CONTENT. Therefore the "offended" lash out in excuses and explanations when in actuality I have no cause to be offended nor do I heed "excuses" when the real reason (lack of understanding) would be sufficient to explain foolish outcry. I see a world in downhill snowballing, sliding into destruction and you would have me attend somebody's injured ego-trap? No thank you. I am not in the business of selling papers or books or anything. I AM SENT TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, BLOW THOSE HORNS AND SOUND THOSE ALARMS, AND THEN OFFER SOME HELPFUL DIRECTIONS-NO MORE AND NO LESS. AND IF WE NEVER ACQUIRE EVEN ONE MORE READER, SO BE IT. I always respect and revere your opinions, perceptions and gladly accept all input--but the "wishes" of the unknowing are not my responsibility to tag along behind. My responsibility is to BRING YOU TRUTH. I have the credentials and the qualifications to KNOW and therefore, since you have made a nasty mess of a perfect place--I shall not honor your prattlings for I KNOW MY MISSION, MY STATUS AND STATURE AND WHO I AM. I NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THESE.

What interests me? YOU. You in truth consumes me. You as MAN have been the target of great conspiracies to "gather" souls, friends, and through the conspiracies of men who have been able to feel you and manipulate you, you have fallen into their traps wherein you now become so entangled you cannot free selves without Divine intervention and direction. Those who first thought themselves so illumined as to run the world called themselves exactly that, Illuminati.

Thousands of historical and valid information papers have been handed down to you of the NOW, but still the argument goes on and the demands for your death as souled beings is demanded on the altar of the Evil Cartel. Worse yet, the very religions which were claimed to offer truth and freedom feed you on lies and false teachings. So you seep deeper into the mire of the bog-pits.


How can you deny a global conspiracy of evil conspirators when these have been the historical facts of all time on your planet? Saying a thing is not so does not make it not so---it only reflects the prattlings of a fool when it exists and is covered by lies and false shams infested with the parasites and bloodsuckers of life itself. I suggest you heed the LAST TRUMPET and take a look at possibilities on this Christmastime experience. We ALL know you are in the final changes of something pretty big and every which way you turn on your dangling string you are told what to do, how to do it, who really owns it, and thus and so. If there are TAXES attached to ANYTHING--you own it not--you are but a renter of it. THAT, readers, IS THROUGH CONSPIRACY of the controllers against YOU-THE-PEOPLE.

I believe we can probably agree that you are somewhere about the time of the prophecy regarding the seals and their meaningful experiences so let us take up along about that sixth seal and focus on the possibilities of meanings.

I am asked to NOT offer information about this next resource so I will offer this directly as written as that is the request of the writers. I don't believe I will need make much commentary for I find a pretty good picture having emerged from the puzzle as put together herein.


"For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" 1 Cor. 14:8.


"And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, 1o, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of heaven fell unto the Earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the Earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of HIS wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?" Revelation 6:12-17.

We will focus on and examine the current strangle or choke-hold that the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy of the Illuminati have on the people of the United States and the rest of the world. We are nearing the end of 1995 and approaching the election year of 1996. We are only four years from the turn of the decade, century and millennium. (Do not confuse this with the millennial doctrine.) Thus, the odometer of time will be turning over a one, ten, one-hundred and one-thousand. The occultic conspirators, new agers and one world advocates believe that the "Age of Aquarius" will then begin and will take until the year 2004 to be firmly in place. I have come to believe that we who are now alive are the last generation, and that the coming of our Saviour is at hand. [H: I must interject here that there is no "Saviour" coming to SAVE you as such. Your "rescuers" might well be coming but only SELF can SAVE SELF as assumed by this terminology. The observation about the "last generation" is valid consideration and so too is the return of HIGHER beings, including the perfection of God's Hosts and the return of HIMSELF. I am going to use the words of the author here but I assure you that such terms as Saviour as in "Jesus" are not correct. "Christ" is the consciousness here in meaning. And remember that, before Saul named Emmanuel "Jesus", his name was Esu Emmanuel so all the use of the label does not make it so in actuality. My reason for using this material is its written observations about the "times" at hand. Whether you believe in Podunk or Jesus or Emmanuel or Buddha or whoever, THE recognized energy of Christed God shall again be coming among you so, please, let us let go of such bindings as creeds, colors and races.]

This 20th century has been one that has twice seen the entire world at war. Earthquakes are increasing with intensity and frequency. Government and society have been universally debauched, and all organized "Christianity" has become or is rapidly becoming Antichrist. Violence and immorality has filled our streets and our cities have become war zones. The Justice Department has become the "Just-us" Department with total disregard for what is right. Yes, something has a deadly choke-hold on this nation of the United States, and yet there is no cry for help to the only one who CAN HELP.

As we now examine this strangle-hold by the force of the Illuminati, we must always bear in mind that the choke hold will soon be broken by the Lord Christ. Our Christ has a divine schedule, and soon He will arrive precisely on schedule, and that will be a day of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.


...I am highly sensitive to what the conspirators are doing because I WAS so much a part of their world. We must attack the enemy with the full power of prayer and then shine the floodlight on what is being done in the dark conspiratorial chambers of the Illuminati!

There are many Illuminati-controlled front men in our country today on radio talk shows and in other forms of media that are knocking themselves out trying to convince people that there is no conspiracy. Here let it be noted that Rush Limhaugh is one such man. Limbaugh insinuates that only the "keels" believe there is a conspiracy. Limbaugh mentions many of the problems in our nation but never exposes who or what is doing the choking as our strangling nation gulps for breath. [H: It would be good for you to remember that Rush Limbaugh "sounds" real good but he was a paid prattler for the Republicans to the tune of $8 million dollars to push Gingrich et al. He also has traveled and gained instruction from his handlers in Israel so, please, listen with discernment. That however, must be done in and with all information spouters---including this one we feature and myself. You must JUDGE actions and words--never mind the source. The best teachers are the most Evil of those among you for they are so very good at what they do! Ponder it.]

Is there a conspiracy? Consider the following quotes: "There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it" (The late President Woodrow Wilson). [H: And boy, he, if anyone, SHOULD know!] "The Individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." (The late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, whom the media later branded as a sex pervert, because he dared expose the conspiracy.) [H: No, this is not accurate---he WAS a sex-pervert! And he was a PART OF the conspiracy.] "Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its powers, but the truth is... the Federal Reserve System has usurped the government. It controls everything here (Congress) and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will." (The late and murdered Congressman Louis T. Mcfadden, ex-Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency). "And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem" (Almighty God in Jeremiah 11:9).

[H: How is that for pinpointing the problem and the problem-makers? Interestingly enough, however, it doesn't take Almighty God to recognize the situation.]

Yes! There is a conspiracy and the agenda of this cabal is intensely evil, The Illuminati-controlled government has numerous covens of witches and astrologers advising them, just as the kings and emperors of Babylon, Greece and Rome, as had all of the ancient empires. A simple examination of the timing of planned events reveals that the whole scheduled agenda runs on astrology. A current example is the threat by President Clinton of shutting down the government and sending 800,000 workers on furlough, because the government will run out of money on the 13th day of November, which is also exactly 39 days (three 13s) before the witches' high sabat of the winter solstice. Whenever this happens, the interest rate rises. Again, this is perfect satanic timing on the part of the Clinton Administration,

[H: Please pay attention to the above. It would seem that these things came to pass but I would note that there is one thing to throw you for a 1oss--a tiny, tiny break in the interest rate. It was a signal--not a good news tid-bit. You have to realize that the ones who KNOW and write about these things put the adversarial conspirators at a great loss as to what to do to avoid being caught in TRUTH. You are witnessing the stupidity of government in idiot-actions as we write here this minute. I cannot see how anyone can miss it for it is glaring as the script written across the very sky.]


While our nation is floundering in bankruptcy, the Clinton Administration continues to force the UN One-World plan upon an uninformed public. The UN plan (which is the Zionist Plan 2000) is one of divide and conquer, which is why they are pushing the "diversity" doctrine. Our "public" schools have become brain laundering facilities, where indoctrination has replaced education, and the zeal to succeed has been replaced with energy for rebellion against law and order. Schools throughout our nation are graduating students who cannot read their own diploma, It reminds me of the movie classic THE WIZARD OF OZ [H: Please read Cathy O Brien' s Trance Formation of America to understand just HOW MUCH LIKE THE WIZARD OZ THIS REALLY IS!], when the wizard said to the scarecrow, "I can't give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma." It was the Communist Vladimir Lenin who said, "Give me your four-year-olds and in a generation I will build a socialist state." Here let it be noted that the Federal Government runs a program called Operation Head Start, which was originally intended for four-year-olds. Lenin also said, "Destroy the family and society will Collapse." The governmental schools are very craftily accomplishing Lenin's plan under the umbrella of the UN "Right of the Child Program".

Children are being taught the proper use of the condom, and of course, they cannot apply what they have learned without having sex. At this point, I must note that a number of years ago I pointed out and warned about the dangers of condoms. When I published that newsletter, I stated that the pores found in latex condoms are large enough .for the AIDS virus to get through. Some thought this to be incredible, but now, the University of Wisconsin has handed out fliers to its students which read, "A 5 micron hole. found in some latex condoms, is 50 times larger than the HIV virus. The virus can easily get through." (1) The false safety of these sex devices is spreading the plague of AIDS, creating an epidemic of astounding proportions.

Another UN plot is the governmental requirement in some areas for sensitivity training, or, as it is sometimes called, "Diversity Class". According to a March 31st, 1995, New York Times article, Representative Frank R. Wold, a Republican from Virginia, held a hearing to investigate charges that the Department of Transportation had sponsored training programs in which "men were groped, women sobbed for hours, and Blacks and Whites were urged to exchange epithets." The article went on to say, "Among the. many bizarre instances documented by staff doing the investigation were requirements that employees stare at lighted candles for hours, be physically tied to co-workers for hours, be required to strip down to their underwear in front of co-workers and reveal deep-seated problems, and list vulgar terms for women and minorities." (2) This is a classic example of how the Clinton Administration thinks and operates. We must remember that such idiocy comes from the evil chambers of the United Nations Beast which is a many-headed hydra monster that is now flexing its muscles on the East River in the city of "forbidden fruit" known as the "Big Apple".


Recently I was in New York City as the United Nations was preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The spirit of evil there was stifling, and the reason why is becoming more obvious every passing day. At the anniversary celebration, President Clinton said, "We need to say yes to a brave, ambitious new agenda... most of all, yes to the dream of the United Nations." What Clinton was referring to by the words "ambitious new agenda" is the plan issued by the: U.N. Commission on Global Governance to impose Global taxes on American citizens and citizens throughout the world. The title of the U.N. report outlining this big new tax is, ..Our Global Neighborhood. The taxes would be imposed on all multinational corporations, which would raise the prices of everything purchased. Other things that would be taxed would be fishing and airline tickets. (3) The Clinton Administration wants to go even further by imposing global taxes on energy and currency transactions. (4) How heinously evil is this plan? If currency transactions are globally taxed, it will raid the pension funds and mutual funds and will especially hit the elderly very, very hard. (5) It is a sad fact that in 1995, 4 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money flowed into the U.N. Furthermore, Clinton is using our own U.S. defense budget to pay for the U.N. peacekeeping missions. These so-called missions require that U.S. military personnel change into the U.N. uniform and subordinate themselves to foreign military leaders. Here let it be noted that Spec. Michael New, a U.S. Army medic, is scheduled for a court-martial and is being threatened with a dishonorable discharge and jail time, because he has refused to put on the U.N. uniform. (6) Spec. New said that putting on that uniform would be violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and for that he is now threatened.

Referring back to the document mentioned before, Our Global Neighborhood we find the following written on page 344. "A start must be made in establishing schemes of global financing of global purposes, including charges for the use of global resources such as flight lanes, sea lanes, and ocean fishing areas and the collection of global revenues agreed globally and implemented by treaty. An international tax on foreign currency transactions should be explored as one option, as should the creation of an international corporate tax base among multinational companies. It is time for the evolution of a consensus on the concept of global taxation for servicing the needs of the global neighborhood." (7) Here let it be noted that the projected income from such a global tax is estimated to be 1.5 trillion dollars per year, which is slightly more than the annual budget of the entire U.S. Government. One can only wonder if someday the Internal Revenue Service will give way to a Global Revenue Service. People everywhere should write to their Congressmen and demand that the U.S. get out of the U.N. and the U.N. be hurled out of the U.S. The U.S. should not be paying the salaries of U.N officials, who receive 40% more in salary than U.S. officials.

The question remains, why don't people come fully awake and take action against such heinous activities by the masterminds of the Illuminati's Great Conspiracy? Perhaps we can find the answer in the words of well-known but deceased head of state. Consider the following: "The people gaze fascinated at one or two superficialities, such as possessions and income and rank and other outworn conceptions. As long as these are kept intact, they are quite satisfied. But in the meantime they have entered a new relation; a powerful social force has caught them up." These were the words of Adolf Hitler. We know that through prayer and faithful service to the Almighty, we can make a difference and cause havoc with the llluminati plans ....

May I suggest we close this writing now as it is time to participate with family in the festivities of the day. Please, readers, as you think on these things may you always realize that GOD is as near as your intact MIND. This means, by its very statement, that if you allow your mind to warp or fragment--so too shall you lose your attachment to that foundation of all Creation, our Creator. May my gift to you at this time of remembering goodness and sharing, be that of lighting just one little brain-cell into understanding and recognition of the beast at your door.

Salu. God blesses you in your journey unto truth and in the hollow of HIS hand shall He hold us unto HIM. I bow unto HIS wisdom and seek always, HIS GRACE and He rewards me with the Universe without limitation and without hesitation in His giving and regiving THAT I MAY BE. And in the realization of that miracle of LIFE--so too can you become!

12/25/1995 HATONN


On this memorial day celebration throughout the world there is more intense joy, and/or pain, than on any other day of the calendar year. Not even the celebration of the crucifixion, and ascension of an accepted Christ (or a Jesus) accompanying the even earlier celebration of Easter, fills the cup of sweet wine or bitterness that accompanies Christmas.


All in one package, Christmas recognizes hope, remorse, happiness, agony, ecstasy, disappointment, a few moments of satisfaction and fulfillment, a loss, a gain .... Every "feeling" of emotion is intensified and, within that area of "hope" in the listing of expectation, people even paddle off to churches and synagogues (there is no difference) and give some attention to that which is higher than themselves in either hope of growth or in the Satanic ritual, a prayer for further control and affliction.

In WHICH rests truth? Neither and both. For again the PROOF is in the individual intent of EACH--not each religion, but rather, each individual.


Could I' go within a Satanic church and clear out all the "dark energies'? Indeed, and so can you--but what have you gained? The individuals in attendance will only hate you and form revenge parties against you. Your own worshipped Master-Teacher did as much and after 2000 years YOU ARE STILL CRUCIFYING HIM--ON THE CROSS OF PAIN. In the Catholic Church you will ALWAYS FIND THE MAN ON THE CROSS IN DEATH AND BLEEDING TO BE THE CENTERPIECE. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CLUB TO TRUTH. In every religion the "CROSS" is the major symbolic ritual tool.



Why have, indeed, the Hosts come? TO TAKE OUR BROTHER OFF THE CROSS 1N YOUR RITUALISTIC SLAUGHTER RITUALS. When you see a crucifix - you see the death and detention of GOODNESS affixed to a cross of agony and pain WHICH REPRESENTS YOU-THE-PEOPLE! It is not your salvation represented there but your sure march to DEATH.

So what is the gift-giving all about? It, the gifts, represent the tokens and coffin offerings to the DEAD! It is the exchange of THINGS which cement you to the physical and disallow you to attain that which is Spiritually beyond the moment of physical expression.

Do I expect you to GIVE UP these ideals of sharing (which undoubtedly YOU bear) and ideas of a Christ birthing into a world of evil!? No, because YOU DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH! Until you know truth, why should you, or why COULD you, change that which has been taught for millions of ages?

You try to bring light and hope through strings of Christmas lights and tinsels; glitter and glitz of drink and feasting. You share TOYS instead of TRUTH---but the soul feels better for the moment of giving and receiving. It is a human enjoyment in expression within family and friends and for a brief moment, even between enemies. For just a little while you can PRETEND that wishes are good and hope abides. In war there is often a Christmas truce. Are you kidding me or yourself? What that says is, "I won't kill you today for that would be ugly! .I shall wait and kill you tomorrow." Is THAT not even more ugly? In other words, I shall give you a toy today, feed you and lull you to sleep, and kill you later when you don't expect it. (Or perhaps you do expect it; it matters not.)


So what? And so, what..? What do ones want and expect from me? Well, at a wondrous holiday season, certainly NOT the TRUTH. You want me to somehow bounty-up your motivation to share some order of bettering your own circumstances, falling in behind that which is not excellence to give the builders of the non-excellent presentation good fuzzy and warm feelings of tidings of great joy. No thank you!--those may be YOUR wishes, not mine! TO DO SOMETHING WRONG IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT BETTER THAN DOING NOTHING! Further, to ask ME to sanction and bless the incorrect attitude is not going to happen, readers. I will bless your intent of goodness--I will NOT bless your foolish presentations and actions. My job is to bring life and light in Truth--not to bless your incorrect presumptions and assumptions.

I am not a little E.T. hopping about touching finger-tips and healing your scratches. I am head of the Hosts of God Creator come to set the stage for the return of GOD TO HIS PEOPLE! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, READERS, I CANNOT HELP IT FOR IT IS YOUR PROBLEM AND NOT MY OWN.

"Oh, but I don't like Ekker-Ekker Dharma Phoenix, rattle, prattle, fiddle and faddle... !" you say? Well, that is none of their, or MY, business either. YOU will not be counted in the body of God, I would assume, or you would not separate yourself OUT and away from TRUTH while moving into your world of cover-up and hidden actions. Don't you just wish those actions would remain hidden? Well, the time is upon your lands when the SEVENTH SEAL IS BROKEN, people, and TRUTH IS GOING TO BECOME KNOWN! YOU will be in the ACCOUNTING and that which YOU DO UNTO MY PEOPLE WILL BE PLACED ON THE GIANT SCREENS FOR ALL TO SEE AND KNOW.

Even the corrupted courts of (sic) sick law may very well RULE against truth and justice but the act will not make a whit of difference in the STANDING OF TRUTH. So, are you in big trouble? YES INDEED--BIG TROUBLE. GOD HAS MADE HIS PROMISES UNTO HIS PEOPLE--AND GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES--EVERY ONEI

SEVENS (7777777) VS. SIXES (666)

What means all the seven "things" as in Revelation visions? Simply that there is Godliness in the "7s" of meaningful signs and clues to "timing", seasons and HOMELAND! You numerologists are hung up on "9" being Godly and "6" being Ungodly. So be it, but seven is the number which means the most in knowing circumstances, "8" is the sign of infinity or it simply means that 7 + 1 = 8, I don't have a lot of patience with your counting or your interpretations but there are great truths in the correct use of such "accountings".

There is, however, even greater meaning in the fact that the six is beneath the seven and all things higher. No matter how the "chips fall" or the "cookie crumbles" GOD CREATOR SOURCE WILL PREVAIL OVER THE LESSER ENERGIES OF EVIL (whose ritualistic symbol is ^^^, or, 666). ^^^ is a symbol of Sananda's alpha and omega. You have no way on your typesetter to present the pattern correctly--but this suffices. CHRIST IS THE "ROOF" AND THE "FOUNDATION". THREE (6s) may very well ADD UP TO "NINE"--BUT NEVER WILL IT ADD UP TO GOD.

Now, you who are going to tinker with this further-you better check "out-there" wherever, and look for something which represents SEVEN and get with the program and stop prattling about "little gray aliens" and turn unto the TRUTH of lineage of GOD'S troopers on duty. If YOU are found within the tribes of God's enemy troops in participation and intention--we will consider you to be AMONG THEM--LITERALLY!


First let us have a clear meaning for I DO NOT mean Indians from India. I speak of the lineage of the ANCIENT ONES! OUR ANCESTORS, now presented as aboriginal PEOPLE. THEY are the PEOPLE, literally. They are the basis of HUman people! They always were and shall always be and your "druthers" will make not one iota of difference in that FACT.

They have borne the truth in their oral traditional teachings since the BEGINNING. And, good buddies, it will sustain in the ENDING of that which you recognize as the ongoing cycle changes. YOU ARE TO THE BIG MIGRATION, CHILDREN, AND I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE YOUR BAGS PACKED?


While Dharma sighs in resignation of one more wall of flak to be strewn in her path after this message, Little Crow flaps his big white Eagle wings and smiles and recites to himself that "we are finally getting somewhere'! So, soon now, he will polish up his feather quill (pen) and sign his book and offer you truth in his type of presentation about LIFE--The SACRED HILL WITHIN.

When US&P banned Dharma's writings called THE SACRED SPIRIT WITHIN, dedicated to Little Crow--IT WAS THE SIGN--OF THE SEVENTH BOOK (SEAL), AND HAS FAR GREATER MEANING THAN ANY OF YOU "OTHER" READERS WILL EVER COME TO KNOW! The banning of the books on LIGHT were the final physical important sign of the end of the play and the velvet curtain falling shortly upon this eon of experience. So, is Dharma hurt? Only her feeling !! She can rest in the acknowledgement that she has filled one of the most IMPORTANT roles on the face of your STAGE at any time--ANYWHERE. But she doesn't for she has absolutely NO way to relate to such things. DOES LITTLE CROW KNOW? YES! Little Crow White Eagle HAS ALWAYS KNOWN! He is my son, my father, my brother and, above all, HE IS MY FRIEND. I can give no higher honor to any MAN OR SOUL. He has attended my scribe and my hands, my speaker and my love, he is the wind that blows her sails when the masts are broken and the rents are gaping. There needs to be no call except through the thoughts, and when all of you come to KNOW this truth, you shall be FREEI Remember that "freedom" is but a thought as is every "thing" manifest or etheric. We are the blessed THOUGHT of our CREATOR to whom I offer reverence and RESPECT--I do not worship.


I am always amused at the tiny little things which intrigue you as in "numbers", "words", star signs, etc. So what might mean "dharma"? You pull a lady named "Doris" to a frazzled and tattered being by your slings and arrows while others mend the rents and rips and keep the sails billowed. But I wonder, what is in a word? Well, "dharma" simply means something to the effect of "bringer of life truth"--so it is but an identification of her task as our scribe. Her name, alone, has meaning far beyond that which parents attached to a tiny babe who was never secure or rooted. Doris Eloise was her penned birth name, given to simply identify. But let us consider the "THOUGHT" behind the presentation. Doris is "Dorian female" all tangled up with the SEVEN sea children of the Universal Sea. Eloise is a name which represents Ella which is "come in", "come forth", welcome, etc., in Greek. There is also a term used for a life-boat, dory, which is also a "clue" which means the bringing forth of that which will "save your life"--or your ever-loving ass-ettes. So you end up with "welcome aboard the life-boat". Interesting? I suppose so. I can assure you of one thing: "Dharma" doesn't think it interesting because she has NO wish AT ALL to be anybody's life-boat as she claims her own is quite sunk and riddled with holes. So we; with our great long hands, encircle her and pull her from the mist over and over again, breathe truth and, literally, life again into the body that we might move on into the LIGHT of realization. She does not have to deal with your perceptions--only her own. You have long ago lost the truth in meaning of your teachers. We don't come forth to light stages for entertainment of "readings" for individuals who refuse to accept their own responsibility. Ah, but there is personal recognition and attachment?? YES INDEED!! WE ARE ALL IN THIS LIFE-BOAT PRAYING TO MAKE SHORE AND SAFETY. The more seals opened and broken, the more Angel-bowls emptied upon the lands, and the louder the trumpet blasts become--the more we have to patch the dory-holes. But, once TRUTH IS LOOSED UPON THE LANDS--THE WAR IS WON--AND ONLY THE DYING IS LEFT TO DO FOR THE LIVING ARE ALREADY AT PEACE AND IN SAFETY. (You just don't know what "safety" represents.)


Alright, let us look at recent events and consider prophecy and calculations. Whether or not you can ACTUALLY consider these "real" signs is not at issue for the EVIL EMPIRE ALWAYS BUILDS ON THEIR OWN NOTIONS OF SIGNS SO THAT THEIR GUARDS AND TROOPS WILL KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHEN IT MUST HAPPEN.

So, let us first consider the prophecy and the bowls of "God's Anger".

[Quoting, Revelation 16:]
From the temple I heard a voice shout to the seven angels, "Go and empty the seven bowls of God's anger on the Earth."
The first angel emptied his bowl on the Earth. At once ugly and painful sores broke out on everyone who had the mark of the beast and worshiped the idol.
The second angel emptied his bowl on the sea. Right away the sea turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died.
The third angel emptied his bowl into the rivers and streams. At once they turned to blood. Then I heard the angel, who has power over water, say,

"You have always been,
and you always will be the holy God.
You had the right to judge in this way.
They poured out the blood of your people and your prophets.
So you gave them blood to drinks-as they deserve!"

After this, I heard the altar shout, "Yes, Lord God All-Powerful, your judgments are honest and fair.'

The fourth angel emptied his bowl on the Sun, and it began to scorch people like fire. Everyone was scorched by its great heat, and all of them cursed the name of God who had power over these terrible troubles. But no one turned to God and praised him.

The fifth angel emptied his bowl on the throne of the beast. At once darkness covered its kingdom, and its people began biting their tongues in pain. And because of their painful sores, they cursed the God who rules in heaven. But still they did not stop doing evil things.

The sixth angel emptied his bowl on the great Euphrates River, and it completely dried up to make a road for the kings from the east. An evil spirit that looked like a frog came out of the mouth of the dragon. One also came out of the mouth of the beast, and another out of the mouth of the false prophet. These evil spirits had the power to work miracles. They went to every king on Earth, to bring them together for a war against God All-Powerful. But that will be the day of God's great victory.

Remember that Christ [H: Note the use of the word "Christ" and not "Jesus".] says, "When l come, it will surprise you like a thief! But God will bless you, IF YOU ARE A WAKE AND READY. Then you won't have to walk around naked and be ashamed."

Those armies came together in a place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

As soon as the seventh angel emptied his bowl in the air, a loud voice from the throne in the temple shouted, "It's done!" There were flashes of lightning, roars of thunder and the worst earthquake in all history. The great city of Babylon split into three parts, and the cities of other nations fell. So God made Babylon drink from the wine cup that was filled with his anger. Every island ran away, and the mountains disappeared. Hailstones, weighing about a hundred pounds each, fell from the sky on people. Finally, the people cursed God, because the hail was so terrible.

Then, one of the seven angels who had emptied the bowls came over and said to me, "Come on! I will show you how God will punish that shameless prostitute who sits on many oceans. Every king on Earth has slept with her, and her shameless ways are like wine that has made everyone on Earth drunk."

With the help of the Spirit, the angel took me into the desert, where I saw a woman sitting on a red beast. The beast was covered with names that were an insult to God, and it had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet robes, and she wore jewelry made of gold, precious stones, and pearls. In her hand she held a gold cup filled with the filthy and nasty things she had done. On her forehead a mysterious name was written:


I could tell that the woman was drunk on the blood of God's people WHO HAD GIVEN THEIR LIVES FOR "JESUS". [H: Right here is where to PAY ATTENTION FOR THIS DID NOT SAY "CHRIST". IT SAYS "JESUS" AND THEREIN IS THE GREATEST LESSON IN TRUTH THAT YOU WILL EVER KNOW.] This surprising sight amazed me, and the angel said:

Why are you so amazed? I will explain the mystery about this woman and about the beast she is sitting on, with its seven heads and ten horns. The beast you saw is one that used to be and no longer is. It will come back from the deep pit, but only to be destroyed. Everyone on Earth whose names were not written in the book of LIFE before the time of creation will be amazed! They will see this beast that used to be and no longer is, but will be once more.

Anyone with wisdom can figure this out. The seven heads that the woman is sitting on stand for seven hills. These heads are also seven kings. Five of the kings are dead. One is ruling now, and the other one has not yet come. But when he does, he will rule for only a little while.

You also saw a beast that used to be and no longer is. The beast is one of the seven kings who will return as the eighth king, but only to be destroyed.

The ten horns that you saw are ten more kings, who have not yet come into power, and they will rule with the beast for only a short time. They all think alike and will give their power and authority to the beast. These kings will go to war against the "Lamb". But He will defeat them, because he is Lord over all lords and King over all kings. His followers are chosen and special and faithful.

The oceans that you saw the prostitute sitting on are crowds of people from all races and languages. The ten horns and the beast will start hating the shameless woman. They will strip off her clothes and leave her naked. Then they will eat her flesh and throw the rest of her body into a fire. God is the one who made these kings all think alike and decide to give their power over to the beast. And they will do this UNTIL WHAT GOD HAS SAID COMES TRUE.



I would suggest that you readers go read Chapter 18 of Revelation, in addition to what we have shared here for I don't want to take the time to write HERE this morning, further on this focus. I would, in fact, like to pull your attention back to yesterday's writing and continue with the topic of:


[QUOTING:] [H: Never mind from "where", just realize it is very good observation on the part of the author.]

On November 4th, 1995 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was shot three times and killed as the gunman fired from only 5 feet away. The news media everywhere stated that the killer was acting alone, but from the time of the event, Mrs. Rabin said it was a conspiracy. The conspirators wanted this man out of the way, because his plans were interfering with activities that are planned for the Middle East in the near future. There is no doubt that the execution was planned with occult timing, because it took place exactly 13 days from the October eclipse of the Sun and 33 days prior to the December full Moon. In ancient occult teaching, an eclipse of the Sun indicates the death of a world leader. Since the number 33 is the number most sacred to Freemasonry, it is obvious that the Council of 33 or Grand Masters, issued the directives of the plot. Here let it be noted that Freemasonry is based on TALMUDIC JUDAISM, and the essence of Masonic doctrine is the building of the Temple at Jerusalem.

Another interesting fact about this assassination is that no one seems to know how the killer passed the extremely tight security. As questions were asked about the security problems, the Israeli Security Chief suddenly resigned. On Thursday, November 9th, U.S. Attorney General JANET RENO offered the full cooperation and services of the FBI [H: PAY ATTENTION!!] to help with the case. Aside from the fact that this is none of the FBI's business, it is certain that if "General Reno", as she likes to be called, gets into the picture, the truth will certainly be on the scaffold. There are big plans for the Middle East, for it is over that land that the staged and false second coming of Christ is planned. Here let it he noted that there have been many Space Shuttle flights recently, and the most recent one at the writing of this letter (Nov. 11th) left Earth on the day before the October eclipse of the Sun and returned the day AFTER the assassination of Rabin. Now, another Shuttle was scheduled originally to depart on November 10th, exactly 33 days after the October full Moon. This flight was, however, delayed. Suffice it to say that there are strange goings-on in space, and I do not know how far the Almighty will let them go. If these stellar activities continue, this Earth is in for the greatest deception of all time.




The words "Big Brother is watching you" were taken from George Orwell's book 1984. We should also listen to another profound statement by Orwell as follows, "The people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening." We are living in a time when privacy is almost non-existent, and this condition is part of the choke-hold that Illuminism maintains on the unsuspecting and apathetic people. Here let it be noted that the symbol of the Illuminati has always been the single eye at the top of a pyramid. This eye was called the "Eye of Horus" by the ancient Egyptians, because Horus was supposed to be the all-seeing son of the Sun God. The eye was also called the "Utchat" and was used to symbolize wealth and prosperity in ancient Egypt. We know that this same symbol has appeared on the United States dollar bill since the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. The "all seeing eye" was intended to intimidate people and leave the impression that there was no place to hide from the power of the eye. The evidence that the technologies and recent innovations of the Illuminati scientists are now watching us is everywhere. I have in front of me an article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newspaper with headlines that say, "Big Bus Driver is Watching". The article tells how the 7.9-million-dollar Smart-Track system watches every city bus from space and pinpoints the locations of all units at ALL times. In addition to being able to monitor people, buses, and cars for that matter, the conspirators also seem to have the capability to control the functioning of some vehicles. Numerous reports have been made of incidents where automobiles suddenly stopped running. One such incident was on Monday, July 18th, 1994, on Interstate 15 in Utah. Cars along the highway suddenly stopped running and would not start. The only cars that would run were models made PRIOR TO 1984. [prior to electronic ignition - editor] After about one hour, all the vehicles started to run again.

In addition to watching us as we travel, the conspirators are also watching our spending and other money transactions. The latest credit and debit cards being tested in certain locations project the image of the users' face on the monitor screen at the point-of-purchase terminals. Thus, your photograph is in the magnetic strip on the back of your card, and your image is projected through the computer system. More of such things are happening all of the time, and without a doubt we are at the end of the world--AS WE KNOW IT.


Yes indeed I know that you of GOD want to hear more and more and more truth but the fingers are weary. Too much to chew at one period of feeding is hard on the total DIGESTION. Therefore, we must always remember that our wish is not our DEMAND to cram anything down another's throat. GOD IS SORTING AND PERCHANCE GOD DOES NOT SEE UNCLE "JOE" AS YOU MAY "WISH" HIM TO BE. WE OFFER; WE EXTEND OUR LOVE AND OUR HANDS; WE SHALL DO NO MORE THAN THAT WHICH GOD PRESENTS AS OUR ASSIGNMENT, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. WE JUDGE NOT BUT WE LAY FORTH GOD'S "CONDITIONS" ACCORDING TO OUR OBLIGATION.

May you have a truthful "CHRIST"mas and not just a Merry Xmas! The "mysteries" are being opened before you - and you will find no "mystical mysticism or magic" within our presentations for we come OF LIFE and not of the walking DEAD. The way will be made known to you if you choose to see and hear--AS ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE OF GOD. Nobody is going to DRAG YOU ALONG TO ANYWHERE--SAFETY OR OTHERWISE. We are the WAYSHOWERS--not the bonded burden-bearers.

YOU may go on any pathway you prefer--but if you expect to go on OURS, you are going to MEET THE CONDITIONS as we set them. The avenues to heaven or hell are yours to choose so I suggest you carefully ponder (maybe even THINK) on these words and thoughts offered here. Physical perception of TIME is running out!

Salu, and may CHRIST rest HIS hand upon your being this Christmas season instead of the sticky fingers of Satan Claws!

And who might I be? I AM CALLED 'ATON'! Who are you?

12/24/1995 HATONN

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