NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL does not necessarily espouse what are generally accepted as "New Age" views as these are so varied, sometimes misleading or confusing, and do not follow a set pattern or philosophy.

Set up as a charitable, non-profit organization in 1984 in the realization that we were indeed entering a "New Age", when there would be slow as well as dramatic changes in all aspects of life upon the planet, research over the years has been published in many ways and distributed throughout the planet, usually at no cost.

Having now reached the New Millennium, the changes are more obvious to all and are causing consternation amongst those who would continue to exercise complete, autonomous control over all peoples of this Earth, as the publicizing of information long held secret offers freedom from control, and the Internet has helped to expedite this to the point that soon the "New World Order" will collapse upon itself, and a truly enlightened "New Age" will be ushered in, for the benefit of (almost) all mankind.

There are four ‘Pillars of control’ - guilt, fear, ignorance and poverty.

The ‘Church’ was the first institution to make full use of these areas of control, but ‘science’ and ‘government’ has followed up on their tremendous success. It was heresy to suggest that the world was ‘round’ and not ‘flat’: but who was to know that when people could not read? Even today, counter-views to church dogma make one a member of a ‘cult’. Did the medical sages of the time not think it laughable when one brave physician suggested that washing one’s hands before an operation would reduce bacteria and enhance the chances of the operation’s success? One of the medical world’s most amazing discoveries was ‘Penicillin’ - but Alexander Fleming was made an outcast in the medical profession as one third of hospital beds emptied when it was introduced, and income suffered drastically! In the meantime it is no longer so effective as the original water-base has been replaced by a plasticised substance ……

Politicians continue in power as they are bribed by international bankers to maintain value-less ‘money’ as the means for payment of commercial transactions, adding ‘usury’ (interest) as an extra profit. Money collected as ‘income tax’ - allegedly to pay for federal services - is taken out of circulation, after the private collection agencies take their profit and pass about 1% back to Federal Governments, so that they can actually say that money collected goes to pay for federal services …..

News, media and entertainment services have gradually been taken over so that they can be used as ‘educational’ devices (you have to believe what they say). Where will it all end?

This then is a compendium of information on all aspects of ‘guilt, fear, ignorance and poverty’ and how to counteract it.

There is no such thing as ‘scientific proof’ these days: the proof depends on who is paying the wages of the scientist, researcher or reporter. Knowledge is what counts, not the source of information, and within you must recognize the Truth.

We wish you well …………….

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