Lady Kadjina Speaks

December 4, 2001

Wayne: During the last full moon, Kay and another witnessed what appeared to be a large object passing either behind, or into the moon. Can you tell us what that object was and what was its purpose?

Greetings. This is Lady Kadjina. It is a time for the coming forth of many objects and there will be some confusion as to what the names of these objects are. This particular object, which was a bright clear blue in color and triangular in shape, was primarily those beingsí way of saying, "Hello, we are here; we are with you." This was a great Mother Ship, which had been coming towards the moon from the backside and turned just enough to peek out, go backwards again, and take off in the same line of direction. Kay and her friend, who is a photographer, had been discussing a photograph that had been taken by the friend, that clearly showed the second moon. It was taken at a time of an eclipse and therefore the second moon became visible for just a moment in time.

It is well known to many that there are beings and much activity taking place on the backside of the moon. Now, the beings on the backside of the moon are not of evil intent, yet they are not willing to put up with any discord with those of Earth. When the Americans planted the flag on the moon and went around to the backside, they encountered these beings and were told, in no uncertain words, "Leave this place and do not return." And until such time as the world as a whole leaves behind a militant attitude, or an attitude that wants to take over parts of the world or parts of the cosmos, they will not be allowed to land again on the moon or anywhere else.

Wayne: The 11-year solar cycle of increased solar flares and coronal mass ejections would normally have diminished by now, yet we seem to be having as many solar flares as during the peak times. Is this just the last remnants of the cycle, or has the cycle been extended and, if so, what is the purpose?

People of Planet Earth have entered into a time shift, a consciousness shift, which gives a type of warp zone persona to current events. It gives you the feeling of "unreal." One of the characteristics of this time frame you find yourself in is that of intensity. And another characteristic is that many beings, even the noble, enlightened beings, are asking themselves the age-old question that our friend Pontius Pilate once asked, "What is truth?" Our simplistic answer is that truth is that which you live; it is not that which you preach. It goes back to your very early scriptures: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word became God." The Word in that time was Truth; Manifestation; Creation; Life. The Master Jesus is sometimes referred to as The Living Word and you have a Christian hymn that is called "Wonderful Words of Life." Truth gives Life.

We have mentioned previously that in the last few years the time clocks have to be reset several times a year to make allowances for the speeding up of time. This quickness of time gives the aura of a warp zone. It is as if you find yourself in a carnival hall of mirrors wherein you are not certain as to whether you are going up or going down or if your physical form is contorted in some way. Such is the intensity level at this time. So, to answer your question: yes. there is a time extension and yes, things have become much more intense. You have in Earth words the statement, "Knock me up the side of the head with a 2 by 4." It is as if Mother Sun has entered her Earth-childís bedroom and is saying to that child, "Wake up; time to get busy." And because the child wants to sleep awhile longer, the mother is thumping the child on the head with a book or something and saying, "Get up; wake up now; we have things to do today."

Wayne: Many, including myself, are becoming impatient with the apparent slowness of the transformation of Earth into a planet of light. Now we have increased terrorism, vengeance, and unrest that seem to be counter to the transformation. Can you give us an update on our conversion status? Also, What guidance, or words of encouragement, do you have for the lightworkers of this planet at this time in our evolution?

This goes back to what we have told you before. That in the very last moments, prior to the demise of the dark energy, they will have one final drunken brawl. How long this is allowed to last is in direct proportion to how well each individual soul upon the planet at this time is able to maintain stable equilibrium within their inner being while taking on whatever activities they deem necessary in order to right the ship. And here we would say that those who attempt to jump ship will drown. This is our way of saying, those who go underground will not enter into the greater light, for you must fulfill the scripture that says, "Do not hide your light under the bushel basket." So the great lesson of this time is how to shine your light and remain inwardly in emotional and mental control and fight hard to right the ship so that it does not capsize. When holding onto the tethered ropes of that ship and the mast, be prepared for blistered hands, skinned-up knees, and lungs that fill with salty water. And be prepared to do this in the midst of a raging storm and a moonless, starless night, for the winds will blow fiercely. But if each lighted being maintains their integrity, your ship will not capsize. A few souls may be lost but catastrophe will be averted.

Two interesting things have happened recently in the United States, and it concerns the Congress. First, in spite of the Bush administrationís war, Congress has not declared war, and second, they declared today, December 4th, as World Day of Reconciliation. They did this without the approval of the President, and that is unprecedented (and notice how close the sound of this word is to "un-presidented.") On this day, our nation and elected representatives will pause to seek God's blessings in prayers for unity, forgiveness, reconciliation and charity: (NOTE: While doing the editing and formatting for this message, Kay came in with an additional message and a request from Lady Kadjina to add the following prayer and to point out that this is a giant step toward atonement, which of course is the same as AT-ONE-MENT.)

Thessalonians 4:1 12: That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing. 13: But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. 14: For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 15: For this we say unto you by the WORD of THE LORD, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16: For THE LORD HIMSELF shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the Trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

(Wayne's interpretive note: while the passages above are words from the Christian interpretation of scripture, one would do well to feel the energy behind the words. This is about at-one-ment, not only the idea of being at one with those who seem to be asleep and unaware of the power behind the events, but also about being at one with our spiritual natures; coming together with an understanding, patience, and trust that, as we connect with each other in unity and compassion and with the deepest nature of our spiritual beingness, we will together be transformed into co-creative beings of light, very likely by surprising events.) Back in January at the time of the Bush-Gore split, we said that if Bush became President, the world would be plunged into war by the end of summer or the beginning of fall. We also stated that the Bushmenís agenda must be played out. We have also stated that the age-old Biblical enemies are back and that they are at it again. And when we use the word, "Biblical," we could just as easily use the words "world scriptures" meaning not any particular religious groups or sects.

In this matter of world religions, the ancient Biblical Earth leaders are back, but they are influenced by great energies from out of time and space. And these Biblical Earth leaders were present in Lemuria and right down through time. So from that standpoint, they are not constrained to the traditional Bible. Also, keep in mind that where you find expressions of great darkness, you also will find expressions of great light. The pendulum of light swings equal distance in both directions. The difficulty is in the consciousness of humanity. Humanity focuses their attention on the news media with what is wrong with the world. You cannot even have a calm, laid-back football game, where the teams play it out calmly and someone wins. The excitement is in the game where the quarterback falls; they call in the medic; and they help him to his feet and with a player on either side and he hops on one foot, trying to bear weight on the injured leg. The people in the stadium go wild at his heroism. Soft and gentle, to many humans is very boring.

So, what do you do about this? Take time for the soft and gentle. If you belong to a prayer or meditation group, bring to that group something soft and gentle: photographs of a recent rose bud, or a sunset, or a raven in your tree. You cannot ignore the dilemma of the world; this is true. To counterpoint or to checkmate the forces of wrongness, bring in something that is right with the world. There is too much focus on what is wrong, and this has for a long time been Earth mentality. Your trash publications get more attention sometimes than do the light publications. There is very little integrity in journalism. You notice the journalists who attempt to speak the truth or attempt to ask honest questions are the ones who receive the Anthrax letters. Those who attempt to control are saying, "Hush!" Flood your Internet with what is right in the world. There are many noteworthy educational systems for the small children. There are many school pods that are becoming very creative. Many colleges and universities of the world, in their socio-political workshops, are doing alternative studies in the world crisis situations. Just in the Tucson area, the YWCA, along with the University Medical Center, has sponsored alternative healing modalities that are gaining great acclaim and following in the area.

Throughout the United States there are many divine feminine groups that are emerging, being protected by those who hold the swords of truth, justice, honor, and integrity. One of the most powerful divine feminine energy expressions in the United States is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Please notice the name and the similarity to Atlantis. Do you recall the time that we spoke of the great St. Louis floods of a few years ago and how the very dense polluted waters that rained down sank into the Earth, causing the purified waters of Atlantis to rise and flow down along the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers into the Gulf? And over what land did those waters flow, if not through the region of Georgia and Louisiana? Notice, please, those two names are feminine. King George was turned into the divine feminine name of Georgia; and King Louis combined with Ana. Ana could be read 1-5-1 in numerology. Translated into I AM; Humanity; I AM. The energy of 1 is the pioneering, pace-setting energy. The energy of 5 is that of humanity and also that of the pivotal energy. And then again you close with I AM. Georgia, in this instance, was named after St. George, the dragon-slayer, who happened to be the guardian presence of Joan of Arc, who was the reemergence of the sister of King Arthur, who was trained and brought forth by the Lady of the Lake, who we saw again as St. Catherine of Sienna. And so you have these two sister energies combined in the Deep South of the United States. So the floods of St. Louis were a great cleansing and reactivation of energies. Consider carefully the energy of St. Louis itself. Who was this King Louis? What did he stand for? Think on these things. For you have an energy forming a triangle of St. Louis, St. George, again Louis together with Ana. Looking at this triangle, at the apex you have St. Louis, a masculine energy, supported by two legs of feminine energy. This triangle points northward, connecting to the great energies of the crown chakra and the aurora borealis. There is so much more going on than what meets the mortal eye.

In conclusion, we would only say this to you who are the lightworkers. Band together; support each other. Remember, gentlemen, you are the sacred divine masculine guardians of the emerging goddess energy. Honor the women who are courageous in stepping forth at this time. And women, honor your men. For as they honor you and hold sacred space for you, remember it is from their heart chakras that they do this. And the heart chakra itself is of a divine feminine energy. So as the men appear to be Lords of Might, these lords are truly dual energies. Acknowledge the divine feminine of their hearts, for the sword of truth that they hold in their hands is the sword of deliverance from one state of consciousness into another higher state of consciousness. And the sword of truth no longer belongs to a select few, but it belongs to all of humanity, for when the truth is given by those of the disincarnate realm of light to our incarnated team members, there is no ownership of that information. It is intended to go forth to the world. The only integrity in this matter is that monies should not be made off of anotherís channeled work without sharing.

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Jane Segal

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