Nostradamus used astrological data, listing the positions of the planets, covering the period 4,000 BC to 6,000 AD from books called "ephemerides" which he created, and a calendar which went back 6,000 years to Babylonian times.

There are no 'set-in-stone' outcomes dictated by astrological configurations, only certain energy patterns which exist, and we always have the choice of how to use them. Probable dates depend on the path taken and choices made by Earth's inhabitants ..... but one can reach the point of no-return.

** It should also be noted that in many instances the dates shown are those considered most accurate **
by an astrologer - not Nostradamus himself.


The so-called "Christians" will still have their day in the sun, but they will accidentally do themselves in. The ones who are truly spiritual won't have to do anything themselves, but simply step into the gap that is left. (V-53)

Christianity has entered its sunset. (Cen VIII -48)

When the earthquakes and famine strike, the priests will not be able to come up with a comforting explanation for these things, and they will lose credibility with the people: the abysses will open up in the foundations of religion. Christianity will falter on the shards of its own foundation. (Cen IX-31)

The present Pope (1987) will be assassinated. A major comet clearly visible in the northern hemisphere will be a sign leading up to the assassination of the second Pope, who will have a short reign as he will get in the way of the Anti-Christ. This will then be the start of the Anti-Christ's European campaign. The leaders of Britain and the U.S.A. will meet at sea to discuss it. (Cen II-15)

The good old man is buried while still alive [replaced by a robotoid? current Pope (1995) was shot and killed but replaced], near a great river. He would have been a great leader and a spiritual teacher. The pope will be murdered and succeeded by one who rules the treasury and finances of the Vatican, having taken all the ransom gold on the way. (Cen III-72)

When the last Pope was murdered, they needed to find another quickly - one who was not in on the assassination, so the 'Polish' Pope was chosen. (Cen X -12)

The third from last Pope will fall from an assassin's bullet. The second from last will be swallowed up by the schemings of the Anti-Christ. (Cen II-57)

The last Pope will be French - born 4th April 1932, deformed - his mind also scarred, walks with a limp, financial officer at the Vatican in 1987. His roots are in Burgundy. (Cen II-76)

He will travel by sea to Spain then return to die in Rome. After his reign there will begin a new world and a new way of looking at religion and spirituality. (Cen III-86) The Anti-Christ will get rid of him when he gets in the way, and that will essentially get rid of the church too. (Cen II-57)

Humanity has discovered that the Vatican formed its own hierarchy to control and manipulate man by inventing rules and laws, and making the people believe that these were the laws and words of God, which they were not. People no longer stand for it because they have uncovered the power, the wealth, the hypocrisy, the lies to humankind. The Vatican will fall. (Cen X-65)

When the final downfall of the Catholic Church comes there will be no trace of it left. (Cen V-31)

Final disbandment of the College of Cardinals will be on October 3rd. (Cen IX-62)

The church is not a religious institution. It is one of the largest political institutions on the earth.

The sun would appear both day and night [the Age of Light] when the people come from the stars. The devil will howl all night when the Pope changes his residence from Rome. (Cen II-41)

The dishonesty and personal gain by the leaders of the Catholic Church will become public. It will cause dissension and the complete breakup of the Catholic Church. (Cen VI-9)

The time of suppression is very soon (1987) and any knowledge that broadens the mind and causes the people to think will be considered dangerous. (Cen IV-86)

Traces of the Inquisition still exist in our time. Fundamentalist type religious men distort the word of God and use it for their own ends. Several are striving for political power and are banding together to help as many of them as possible attain key posts in government. This will have repercussions all over the world, and leaders in the Middle East will start changing their laws, making it more difficult for Americans to travel in that part of the world.

These men who appear very religious are very shrewd and calculating: when they go to seminary schools a lot of the things they learn can be used for crowd control and brainwashing and manipulating people. They are really after power. (Cen I -40)

The Anti-Christ will ransack the Vatican and destroy the library. He will also reveal all the controversial things he finds are hidden away in the Vatican Library - things the church has declared people should not read for it would be threatening to their faith. The last pope will act as a traitor in giving away the information. (Cen V-43)

During the earth changes, in all countries the fundamentalist sects of the various religions will become very powerful, claiming to offer people the comfort they need to get through the hard times. Fundamentalist sects always suppress learning and education, so there will be great censorship of books and such. (Cen I-62)

Women will rise to power and bring about the destruction of the established religious and financial institutions. (Cen IV-24)

A spiritual party of people who won't be interested in politics but in humanitarian and compassionate work will form during the time of troubles and will migrate to Spain, where there will be many islands and rocky lands. (Cen IV-5)

A civil war will occur in America at the end of the century involving fundamental Christians, New Age sects and all kinds of religious persecution. (Cen IV-13)

Before the earth changes begin, when an earthquake hits the Holy Land in the '90s, the Moslem mosque, the Temple of the Dome of the Rock, will be destroyed. Because a Jewish temple will then be built very quickly upon their sacred site, Moslem fanatics disguised as French Jewish tourists will desecrate the temple by committing ritual suicide upon the steps. This will be a signal for the advancement of the Anti-Christ in the Arab world. This will be the war-cry that will lead up to the battle of Armageddon. (Cen III-45)
[in May 1989 blueprints for building the Temple upon the site of the Dome of the Rock had been completed]


A king can always tell when the peasants are going to revolt because they get particularly restless, and the crime rate goes up. On a larger scale, on the eve of sweeping worldwide change, a few small countries will go into upheaval for no apparent reason. There will be more open demonstration, marches in the street and civil restlessness. This is a warning sign that bigger changes are on the way.

Whenever there is a battle and din is raised from violence, there's always a storm afterwards. Fighting men have observed this. (Cen 1 -90)

A very advanced satellite will explode and burn for seven days: it will burn so brightly it will appear to be a second sun. (Cen II-41)

Development of a weapon which can be held as a major threat over the heads of all nations is being developed in secret underground laboratories (1987) for use with an airborne device and can trigger earthquakes [particle beams from a Russian cosmosphere]. This nation will not want to share the technology. It will cause the dissolution of the United Nations. When the Anti-Christ comes to power, he will take over this machine through guile and trickery. (Cen IX-83)

London and New York will be hit by bacteriological weapons released into the atmosphere. The people in these cities will starve to death because no-one will be willing to bring food to them. There will be looting and raiding of stores, and soldiers will stab them at bayonet point.

Libya: developing various poisonous gases and hallucinogens to be released into the air and water, to knock people out in droves in order to take over a country very easily. Also researching into drugs, various subtle poisons and such, in order to assassinate leaders. (Cen IX-34)

A group of [research?] doctors in a government program (not English language) with a code name (Mirande is anagram of the location - could it be "Meridan"??) researching into the powers of the various energy fields of the earth will accidentally rupture one of the earth's fields in such a way that a beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of meteorites toward the earth, around the North Sea. (Cen I-46)

Genetics: breeding of people programmed to be soldiers in time of war has been going on for decades by America, Russia, Japan and some European countries [it has been confirmed that robotoids are bred from a single cell to full maturity in just five days and have replaced all major political figures, who are puppets anyway, as well as being held in underground cities as armies at the ready]. The program was started in the 1930s under Hitler. [Jimmy Carter was the first robotoid President of the U.S.A.] (Cen X-72)

During the time of troubles assassination of world leaders will become so very common that people won't even bother to learn the names of the present leader. (Cen IX-36)

Sea battles around Haiti after the collapse of the major powers: the US president will be slow to react to their pleas for help - until they reveal embarassing information about him. (Cen II-78)

Accidental detonation of buried or concealed weapons in France - diplomatic embarassment. (Cen VIII-30)

During the time of troubles there will be breakdowns in communications. One result will be a horrible train accident in the Alps, when two trains collide and fall down the mountainside. There will be several such accidents. (Cen II-33)

During the time of the upheavals a war-game will become disastrous. A computer malfunction will set off the defences and start dropping real bombs on the areas involved (European troops). Europe will be thrown into chaos, trying to figure out what happened. Britain and France the two countries mainly involved. One weapon will involve a type of radiowave that at certain frequencies and intensities can be lethal. (Cen II-2)
[Possibly the use of H.A.A.R.P.? - radio frequencies beamed out for mind-control purposes, and also to create outbreaks of disease (such as meningitis), or even start forest fires (Montana, summer of 2000!)]

In Europe people will hide in underground chambers or in tunnels in the mountains as destruction will rain down from the skies. Plagues and destruction: men will become cannabilistic as they cannot get the wheat which still grows copiously on the American continent. (Cen IX-69)

Just before the end of the millenium exiles will be deported to islands which do not currently exist, but will appear during earth changes, and in one particular country will be used as penal colonies. Later on, when the Anti-Christ becomes more powerful the men there will be tortured to death. (Cen 1-59)

As the world recovers from the Anti-Christ, Ethiopian royalty will be re-established from a hidden line; the Chinese will show the Africans how to be conservative with their land and raise enough food in limited areas, as they do in China; the shifts in power will be disturbing in Europe. (Cen I-9)

England and most of the British Isles will be inundated by water, because of the earth shift changes. The British people will be flocking to high places in the Pennine Mountains, as well as the mountains in middle Ireland, which will all be small islands. They will be looking for more land, and they will move to territory around the Alps of France. They will have connections with those people and while there might be a bit of difference in lifestyles and opinions, a lot of them will relocate to this area because their land will not be able to support them after the earth change. (Cen III-70)

When England is reduced to a small island it will want to acquire land in parts of France and will capture inhabitants of Aquitaine to do this. (Cen III-83)

Only the mountains between England and Scotland will remain. And these mountains in Scotland will be just scattered islands. There may be a few very small islands where Ireland currently lies.

Half of the English isle will be ripped away and buried in the sea. As a result of all this disaster, famine will set in almost right away and people will start fighting. The war will be fought over the few resources of earth that will be left after this disaster. There won't be enough food to go around and people from countries who are starving will be marching upon the people of countries who have surplus food. (Cen IX-31)

The Anti-Christ will attempt to take over England, but only partially succeed. The more stubborn supporters of the underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland. Northern England will not be under his power. People of Ireland and Scotland will be proud of the part they played in helping the underground eventually conquer the Anti-Christ. (Cen II-68)

The fall of the English royal house (during the time of the Anti-Christ) will be through the male descendants dying on account of biological weapons designed to kill only men. The women will be too old to bear children or become sterile through the side-effects of this bomb and other horrible weapons. [this was being refined in 1987] Although the bomb is dropped only over England, weather patterns could cause it to drift over the continent. In time they will develop a vaccine serum to make people immune to it. (Cen III-11)

Prince Charles will take over from his mother and the royal family will regain some of the prestige and power that it had lost. (Cen III-91)

27 Jul - 26 Aug 2014: (?) assassination of King Charles of England by the "I.R.A." causing division in Britain, and put down of Catholic churches.

Androgyn: establishment of space colonies, when the functioning roles of male and female in society will have changed, working harmoniously together. There will be sociological upheaval on Earth because of this, especially in the Middle East, and there will be a lot of bloodshed among the space forces. (Cen II-45)

United States & Canada:

There will be friendship between France and America. When a bomb is discovered on its way to New York, the French will be asked to retaliate for America, which it does. The bomb itself will be detonated before it reaches its target, taking many lives. In this war several bombs will find New York, but several will be diverted. (Cen VI-97)
[check Russian leader's comments about a few stray bombs reaching America during a war in the Balkans - which has been in progress now for some time - 1995]

The end of New York will come when a neutron bomb is exploded in New York harbor, blowing up the Statue of Liberty. (Cen III-84)

Hot, dry winds ten times worse than ever before in Los Angeles, (?) when the temperatures will be ferocious; people dropping like flies from the heat; concrete and asphalt around 125 -130 degrees F. Crops will fail totally in the valley. Great drought and forest fires, around the winter solstice, and spring. (Cen IX-48)

The spread of "AIDS" through payment to some 700 homosexuals for this government experiment in various centres throughout the United States whereby they are given a drug, laced with the virus [hepatitis B innoculations], so that it quickly spreads. (Cen III-48)

A son of a U.S. president-elect, under the age of 20, will die of AIDS. This will force a cure out into the open.
(Cen IV-7; II-53)

A civil war will occur in America at the end of the century involving fundamental Christians, New Age sects and all kinds of religious persecution. (Cen IV-13)

An accidental meltdown in a hollowed out city [Mt Weather, 45 miles W of Washington DC] could be a danger to the inhabitants. (Cen X-49)

Republican presidents put the country into depressions and Democratic presidents pull it out by getting them involved in a war. At the time of conflict the U.S. will have a Democrat as President [the President elected in 2000?]. (Cen II -60)

Mankind will have developed devices to moderate the weather. The machines that are in charge of these computations and calculations will become too clever for their own good, and accidentally cause the weather to misfunction. If one tries to force the weather to do one thing for too long, the natural pattern will finally overcome the interference and perhaps cause some unseasonal weather in the process of trying to get things back in balance again.

Location: France. (Cen I-22)
[Throughout the 1990s man-made weather systems have greatly increased in intensity - hurricanes advancing in straight (unnatural) lines, heavy rainfall as well as drought and extensive fires]

As a result of cooperation between scientists on this planet and on other planets [probably extraterrestrials per se] significant advances in products to improve health, cleansing bacteriological and other impurities will be made. There will also be more understanding of the existence of higher physical planes as well as spiritual planes, beings of Light and travelling with light. [see for instance the article "Understanding Life"]


Guardians are watching the planet. Other beings will be there and will help us advance in technology so we can explore space.

The souls that are on the earth at this time were aware of these consequences before coming into this life. People will need steadfastness of purpose to make it through these times. (Cen III-12)

Over time people will become sensitive to inner warnings.

Catastrophies affect world economies, eliminate much of the population, but will also bind together the rest. (Cen VIII-81)

Living through these times will be like working off concentrated karma - the equivalent of ten lifetimes at any other time in earth history. Many older and more advanced spirits volunteered to come back at this time to help everybody pull through; some younger spirits were just feeling adventurous; and some came as a last resort for spiritual development.
(Cen I-67)

The shift will occur towards the closing of the century, by the year 2000, and will be as abrupt as within a 6 to 10 hour period. The only thing that can be done is to make humanity aware. And to let them prepare themselves spiritually, and intellectually become aware of survival through climatic changes. Civilisation will cease to exist as you know it now.
(Cen I-91)

Before the earth changes begin, when an earthquake hits the Holy Land in the '90s, the Moslem mosque, the Temple of the Dome of the Rock, will be destroyed. Because a Jewish temple will then be built very quickly upon their sacred site, Moslem fanatics disguised as French Jewish tourists will desecrate the temple by committing ritual suicide upon the steps. This will be a signal for the advancement of the Anti-Christ in the Arab world. This will be the war-cry that will lead up to the battle of Armageddon - (Cen III -45) [in May 89 it was reported that computerised blueprints for the building of the Temple upon the site of the Dome of the Rock had been completed]

Government in the U .S., the Anti-Christ and the controllers have built underground cities for use once living on the surface of the earth is no longer possible; England and Brasil [also Russia, China, Japan, Australia and 125 cities in North America]: they are NOT for the general populace, as the plan is to eliminate the mass number of human beings who inhabit the surface of the Earth, so there can be a starting over. They assume they will have to live underground for many years, but not their entire lifetime. This is a plan for them and their progeny to rule the planet. Others will be chosen (not of their own freewill) to work for them underground.

Underwater changes will cause subterranean, prehistoric 'dragon-like' creatures to come to the surface and attract much attention. Particularly around Scotland. (Cen IV-92)

With the earthquakes and volcanoes will be accidental explosion of the weaponry that is buried in the ground - in the United States, Britain and France.

Power is in the hands of a few people and what they decide is the way the world goes. This is where the problem lies.

The loss of trees is most tragic because they counteract many toxins in the air, and are vital to the balance of the atmosphere. Without trees the winds blow excessively, which causes erosion, which causes weight shifts, which causes temperature fluctuations. (Cen VIII-81)

The shift will mess up the climate worldwide: ice, sleet and snow in spring and summer around the Mediterranean. (Cen VIII-35) Enormous winds continue for a long period, preventing rain from falling, blowing away the soil and destroying vegetation. The North Pole melts, causing the oceans to rise.

Something causes the orbit and the axis to lean first [probably nuclear explosions underground, followed by immense tidal waves], then the core of the earth goes out of control, causing internal as well as external stress.

At the time of Atlantis too much energy was released in one place, during fusion and fission experiments, causing explosions which then resounded throughout the entire planet, which wobbled, creating earthquakes, a giant tidal wave and mass destruction. [We face the same possible situation today] (Cen VIII-100)

The earth will have some particularly severe earthquakes - so severe that the earth's crust will rip open all the way through to the mantle and the hot lava will spew forth. Half of England will be ripped away and buried in the sea.

A very turbulent ocean, churning, raging, inundating the coastal areas, water crashing down on cities as if they were paper and cardboard, skyscrapers falling over - all over the planet. Instant cessation of all utilities: electricity, water, gas, sewer. No food being brought in, no grocery stores open. General panic. Total incomprehensibility on the part of the populace.

Flooding and the coming of great masses together, Spain and Greece figuring prominently, seem to be indicated for around 8th April 1996. [This appears to be in line with the forecasts of others who predict the beginning in earnest of Earth Changes for that particular year] (Cen V-87)

The Bering Strait will appear as a land bridge once again. The area between the St Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay would be washed out very quickly by the melting of the ice-caps. It would be a couple of centuries later before additional islands would be created by the new polar caps lowering the sealevel.

A chain of islands would emerge northward of the Hawaiian islands.

A land mass will rise up and incorporate quite a few of the Caribbean islands.

The water forms waves of unbelievable height (up to 2 miles high) that travel across the land. Enormous fires sweep through cities. Storms such as have never before occurred in the history of mankind.

When the shift happens most all governments will fall. There will be vigilantism and military law for many years. Everything will be split into many small duchies and kingdoms.

Solar-powered space stations will beam down electricity to speed up the rebuilding process.

People in the flatlands will be safer from the earthquakes, but when the ice-caps start melting - head for the hills!
[With several reports in the late '90s of the break-up of ice around the South Pole, and immense icebergs moving North into shipping lanes, this action would appear to have started]

Over time people will become sensitive to inner warnings.

Famine: war will be fought over the few resources of earth that remain after the disaster. There won't be enough food to go around and people from countries who are starving will be marching upon the people of countries who have surplus food.

The U.S.A. will be protected in that it is an island. But even at that, the country will just barely survive because it will be one of those hit hardest by the earthquakes. Since it has a surplus of food it will not be hit by the famine.

Other countries such as India and China will also be ripped up by earthquakes but they have too many people and not enough food. They will turn and march on Russia and Eastern Europe, where the corn and wheatfields lie. (Cen IX-31)

At the time of a previously unknown comet, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, weather systems will be messed up, and there will be great famine and drought, which will cause social upheaval in unexpected places. Nations that are now considered prosperous and powerful, especially western nations, will be revealed as being not so prosperous as had been thought. And they will be torn with civil strife and rioting as people move out of the areas of drought towards areas that still have some water and where they can grow food. A very traumatic time. This will cause upheaval in many parts of the world because it is a widespread condition. It will be one of the contributing factors that make it easier for the Anti-Christ to gain power in certain areas of the world. [Mars and Saturn conjuncting with Saturn] (Cen IV-67)

The jungles of Brazil and the Guyanas, and most of the Amazon basin, will be underwater.

Weather wars: the Soviet Union will try to strip America of its wealth by manipulating the weather - an area in the Pacific off Lima, Peru, causes weather patterns to fluctuate in the U.S. They used submarines as well as surface ships in this 'eye of the sea/storm'. This was planned over 1983-87, but the U.S. will be able to counteract it. [and it has been called "El Nino", causing tropical fish to appear as far North as the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada] (Cen IV-15)

When the second last Pope dies at Reggio in Italy a nuclear device will be exploded which will affect the climate - the air and earth freezing - and agriculture [nuclear winter?] (Cen X -70)

Iceland will become larger because of the volcanic eruptions.

The mountainous parts of Europe, especially the Alps, would form the new shoreline, while most of France and the Netherlands would be underwater. Volcanic activity in underwater mountains would cause that area to rise upward, forcing the water of the North Sea to drain out. The new shoreline would run on this spine of mountains.

In the near future France, by popular decree, will not allow U.S. airbases or nuclear weapons in their country.
(Cen IV-12)

The city of Lyons in France will be destroyed at the time of the earth shift. (Cen III-46)

War in Southern Europe when the earth shift occurs and the forces of the Anti-Christ will be destroyed, as well as the city of Marseilles. (Cen III-79)

Switzerland and southern Germany will be the great industrial areas of the 1990s. (Cen IV-35)

Scattered islands would be all that was left of the country of Greece.

Russia will be reduced to just the country of great Russia and Siberia combined. Most of it covered with ice. Much of Siberia would be like a very shallow sea: cities such as Leningrad would be underwater.

India would be underwater up to the foothills of the Himalayas. This will be the new shoreline which continues up through the mountains of Nepal and Tibet, and angles across the Northeast part of Russia.

Most of China will be islands created from the present mountaintops.

The Japanese islands will be still there, but smaller and shaped differently. In time they will grow larger. Its volcanoes will continue to be active for some time. It will be more distant from any land above water, because so much of China and that area will have been submerged.

Australia will suffer destruction and damage from great storms that will sweep the earth at that time. Stay away from the coasts and the deserts, for in the central part of the country will experience fierce storms and flash floods.
[This is where the controllers have built an underground city with 10,000 apartments]

The Philippines will be completely submerged.

A lot of decisive battles will be for sea-ports. The Anti-Christ will threaten shipping lanes with submarines. (Cen I-37)

22 Dec 86: Light display in the sky by extraterrestrials [this did take place but date not yet located].

20 Dec 87: An attempt to overthrow the Libyan government. (Cen V-23)

early 90s: Turkey, supported by the Soviet Union, wages war against Greece, who will not have the support of other countries. It will last only a couple of months and there will be fire in Athens. [classic centres will be destroyed in the time of troubles] [around I Jul 90 - obviously misinterpreted astrologically] (Cen I-83)

early 90s: A British ship containing chemicals will explode in the harbor of Monaco, causing fire in and a lot of damage to the city. (Cen IV-23)

1996: Trouble for the British people. Christians will be persecuting Christians. People will rise up against the rich, for the wealthy have it all. St Paul's bombed by the Anti-Christ. [1995: an indication? - Catastrophe hanging over the housing market - foreclosures are running at 1,000 a week according to a May 28th London Observer report, with an expected increase of 25% in the next year. Over the past 5 years there have been 300,000 repossessions and currently there are 250,000 households in arrears]

Oct 1997: Comet as harbinger of doom seen in Northern Hemisphere. The Anti-Christ will already have come into power in a portion of the world, and the evil will be recognized. (Cen II-96)

1997 - 1998: During the time of the troubles there will be a visitation from the Watchers, those who have kept an eye on mankind's development, coming from the direction of Venus. This definite proof that there are others out there in the universe will cause great social unrest and panic in some countries involved in wars. (Cen IV-28)
[There was consternation at the controlling level in Russia and America when their miltary observed by 'remote-viewing' the "Hale-Bopp" comet as two comets, one with intelligent life on-board: these were the Niburu ("Watchers"), who decided that the human race had made such significant progress that the planned impact of the comet was cancelled, and it was diverted away from Earth. However, to help suppress the story of two comets, a holographic image of one comet was shown in the skies at the appropriate time. Scientific examination of the photographs however proved that the depiction was false. A group of Californian computer experts, who were publishing information on this subjecv on the Internet, were labelled a 'cult' and forcibly 'suicided', with their website taken over and distorted, in order to defame them and maintain the disinformation.]

An alliance will be created between Greece and Israel against Turkey. (Cen III -90)

An Indian naval base will be attacked by night by the Persians before the end of this century. (Cen VI-27)

1997 - 2001: Nuclear weapons will cause gross deformities in plants and animals as well as human beings. (Cen I -80)
[Possibly the outcome of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion in April 1986? The biological disfigurations were being more publicly admitted in the later '90s, with all Ukrainians suffering to some extent from leukemia]

23 Jan 98: Anti-Christ uses nuclear weapons for the first time [a probability]

xxxxx A crazed Middle Eastern leader will use nuclear weapons against a Mediterranean country but the weapon will land in the sea and poison almost all the fish in the Mediterranean. This will start a war ("Negrepont"). (Cen II-3)

xxxxx The same leader will use the rest of his nuclear arsenal against European nations, when they try to interfere to stop this war, resulting in the mediterranean coasts of France and particularly Italy being almost uninhabitable. This leader helps set the stage for the Anti-Christ taking power. (Cen II-4)

xxxxx A Third World leader will arise to unite these countries, particularly those of the old world, to battle the so-called super-powers. The war will rage over Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly around the Adriatic and Caspian Seas and the Eastern Mediterranean. It will be a fruitless conflict. It will have some relation to biblical prophecies (Blood flowing up to the horses' bridles). Greece, Turkey and Israel involved. Armageddon.

21st Century: Cities will be torn down to make more room for farming. (Cen II-19)
[Won't that be a change!!]

2002: 6 Feb? A powerful time when something could go wrong.

This is 52 years after the first nuclear chain reaction occurred on 24 Dec 42 in Chicago. Astrological return of the cycle.

The reign of the Anti-Christ will last less than the revolution of Saturn (27 years).

2029: the shift - Oct 24th?

2039: Start of (real - benevolent) One World Government

Far future: A part of France will have disappeared. France as a national entity will be gone because all people will come together. (Cen IV-20)


We go back into the Earth for a period of time and live under the surface. [This is not the first time: the North American Indian talks still about the 'Ant People'] Because of the constant dust, sand and dirt flying in the air all the time, one cannot see anything. Stillness and much darkness. An established society under the surface. These are skinnier, spindlier humans with bigger heads, flatter noses, smaller mouths with bony plates rather than teeth, and big, big eyes. This is because the darkness factor is greater even though it is illuminated under the surface. When they go out, it is so bright that they need to wear black lenses that cover the eyes.

Some live in caves on the surface, some live in the underground cities [but it is known that alien life currently inhabit some undergound facilities]. Those underground wear silver suits.


TWO MEN control the whole world situation at the present time: one based in New York, who manipulates different agencies of the U.S. government and other countries, one in London with similar powers [the price of gold is fixed daily by a firm in London]. They are very well hidden but control most of the economy of both the known world and the third world. They want power and control and will set the stage for the Anti-Christ. They are the movers and shakers of the world. They will bring the Anti-Christ into their network, but he will topple them. (Cen V-23)

The puppetmasters that are behind the scenes are organized together in a single organisation, and they're working for their own ends. But they're very clever in disguising it. They hold positions that appear to be relatively minor, like advisors and under-secretaries and such, but are key positions for their power. They are the ones really in control. Trace the family histories of the banking powers and the money powers in the world. They're very secret and no one knows anything about them except the families involved. (Cen II-58)

They manipulate the economy to cause the unemployment to rise or fall at their whim. (Cen II-88)

They favored Communism because they were able to siphon off the majority of a particular nation's wealth through the front of the Communist party. Freedom in Eastern Europe works against them as there is a freer flow of money within society, and less to be scraped off the top.

The 500, the Cabal, [nowadays known as the Committee of 300] are the ones that pull the strings of power, and decide who will be 'in power' of the various governments. (Cen IX-34)

The controllers are known people and their numbers will dwindle from seven to three, during a time of great chaos in the world. Their downfall is due partly to death among members, partly to disharmony, disagreement. (Cen VI-11)

The worldwide money system is based on the stability of the United States [although managed and manipulated by the international bankers or Illuminati] - When the U.S. President is caught doing something unethical - possibly preparing to wage war from space [shuttles have carried secret payloads since 1989 or before], the monetary system collapses, resulting in gold and silver being the only real currency that is accepted worldwide. (Cen VIII-14)

America itself will survive, but the people in power will be broken down. (Cen VII -33)


Most of the earth is mainly islands with a few major continents. Earth now has one government, headquarters in Omaha. Cities are now called planetary centres. During the shift contact was made with ETs and they have been working with them now for 80 years. Seattle/Tacoma is now a large island, east of which was a space exploration area, which is still a space port - "Surveilas". It is not called the United States any more as most of it has sunk.

There are no polar caps. Land mass is 10%, ocean now 90%. The 'Asian Island' cannot be used on account of a tragic nuclear accident 300 square miles of 'radioactive city'. During the earth shift, it broke up an atomic reactor.

Man is now an enlightened spiritual being. Everyone unites in spiritual intercourse with each other to heal the planet.

Population is now 120 million - down from approximately 7 billion.

The planet would have perished if it had not been for the help of extraterrestrials, who came to heal as well as to educate people and to show them new technology. We are now part of the Galactic Federation: one requirement is to know the plan of the Creator, to follow that plan, and to be part of one galaxy consciousness. Only advanced [4th dimensional] beings are allowed to incarnate into this. People from Sirius, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and fifteen other star systems have contacted us.

There is another federation, which could be considered negative. They were around at the time of the shift but were prevented by the others from taking part in the rescue. These are negative entities and have control over worlds that are still evolving into spiritual and human consciousness.

Energy used is photovoltaic cells from the sun. [photons or gamma rays]


Born 4th August 1962, his family were killed by the Israelis in the Egyptian war (1968). Their death actually came about by assassins hired by the evil Imam, the young boy's 'uncle'. When Pluto moves into the sign of Sagittarius he'll be very influential and we'll see a lot of changes [November 1995].

Initially he will be seen as a world saviour, and will market many wondrous products in the field of computers (including one that will function from a psychic brain level - turned on by mental commands), hydroponic gardening and farming, which will make him a lot of money. This will be the reason for his rise to power. He will not be a religious leader, but will appear a spiritual leader.

A whole year without a rainbow (which indicates extreme dryness) will be an indication of the coming of the Anti-Christ. (Cen IV-67)

He will spend many years working silently behind the scenes consolidating his power. He will have planned so well that the countries he goes against will be totally unprepared for the man with the golden tongue. (Cen III-34)

When he is coming into power, he will request communications experts from Scotland [April 1991], but they will really be based out of London and Germany. They will be shipped to him and used as his brain support or "brains trust." This begins his network. They go because they are well-paid! (Cen III-78)

He will start huge communications networks; ask the richer nations to help the poorer (funneling some of that money into his own coffers), and his success in that will win him the total respect of all religious leaders as well as all governments. He will use a banner of humanitarianism, but his destiny is to become the Anti-Christ. He may even win a Nobel Prize.

Only a vocal minority will recognize him from the start, and the resistance movement will not be very popular, because no-one will believe that he is evil. They will be renegades, unable to fit into the society that is made by the courts or communications networks. They have to live as outlaws. Across the world people will network in their campaign against him.

By setting up a computer network and having access to information, he will be able to destroy the economic base of other countries: he will bring nations to the ground by cutting off their communication with the rest of the world.

People will not be able to do anything without being monitored, so the underground will invent a jamming device which will allow them bypass this system and have contact with each other. (Cen III-54)

At this point we shall have become a computerised society: everyone will have a certain number and this will be laser tattooed on the hand, forearm or forehead, depending upon what level of the system you belong to. In the upper echelon it will be on the forehead so that it can be automatically read by scanning equipment so that they can walk in any place. It will be needed to go shopping, buy food, enter a workplace etc.

Aug 1992 (late) [a probable date] the Anti-Christ will come to power using conventional weapons but with a very strong threat of nuclear force. This is his beginning of his coming to power, but this will not be noticed at the time by the rest of the world. (Cen VI-35)

One of the tools used by him will be hailstorms destroying the food-producing areas of the United States, Russia, Europe, Central America and Australia. There will be world-wide famine. Children will be born hungry. (Cen III-42)
[We have seen this come about: and how many organizations today advertise for money to help feed the hungry children of the world? This is not to say that they actually use the money for this purpose .....]

As Evil overcomes him, he will start exterminating people he feels are useless to his system: the sick, the poor, the weakminded - and instigate mass euthanasia.

Persia will be the part of the world from which he will start his campaign of power. (Cen II-96) "The Persian" will cause the Adriatic Sea to be covered in Arab blood. (Cen II-98)

In addition to helping destroy Christianity, he will also shake up the Islamic religion. Russia will be his first major conquest, by guile rather than force. Then he will turn to China and the rest of the Asian continent, and having subdued them, will know that he can then take over the rest of the world. (Cen III-95)

He will take over Asia by the use of regional commanders or puppets, therefore his control will not be recognized.
(Cen IV-50)

Due to his Middle Eastern heritage he will unite North Africa, being culturally sympathetic, with his Asian and Middle Eastern conglomerate. He knows that one way of bringing a potential enemy under control is to threaten cultural destruction rather than just strict physical destruction. Cultural objects have great meaning to a culture. He will start destroying Rome by bombing it to such an extent that the seven hills of Rome will be levelled - Athens and the great Greek cultural centres will follow. The world will be so shocked by these actions that it will be momentarily paralyzed.
(Cen II-81)

England and the U.S.A. will have entered into an alliance, but control will not have been agreed upon, therefore they fail to enter the conflict in time. (Cen V-86)

There will be severe floods in central and southern Europe, and in the Near East, with disruption of local governments: the Anti-Christ will move his troops in under the guise of helping the people restore civil order. He will use that as a device to take over the countries and use the population as slaves. It will be a time when dynamic young men with golden tongues can sway the populace to their way of thinking. (Cen III-12)

The part of the earth the Anti-Christ is in will sustain less damage than other countries during earth changes, which he will turn to his advantage. He will offer other countries help, then turn round and stab them in the back. (Cen III-12)

Later on he will start uniting the currencies of the various countries of that world to make it easier to submerge them into one political entity. A charismatic popular leader from Egypt will oppose this. (Cen II-23)
[With the Euro in Europe, and the move for a unified currency in Canada and America as a starting point, no doubt!]

While the Anti-Christ gains control over North Africa, an important diplomat from Switzerland will be taken hostage during one of his final battles before moving into Europe. He wants the money in Swiss banks, as he believes he can control the world by having all that bullion. The captive will be treated barbarically and die. They will send a nuclear weapon against him which will destroy his army, and he will retreat into the Near East. When he reappears he will be stronger than ever (mid-90s). (Cen IV-34)

He will put the Nazi Party back in power in Germany. (Cen I-61)

When he first rises to power he will take possession of Cyprus away from the Turks. [Does this infer that the Turks will first overrun the island, or does he mean the current Turkish half of the island?] He will also take the town of Carcassonne in France. (Cen III-62)

When he marches through Southern France he will set up his camp outside Avignon. He had already bombed Athens and Rome, and Paris will be deserted because he has threatened to bomb it also. (Cen III-93)

He'll use the islands of Corsica and Sardinia as a base of operations to attack France. (Dec III -87)

He will take over most of France, but not Paris, and try to spread into Italy and Spain. Concentrates on the rich agricultural area of southern France. (Cen IV-3)

The Spanish will play a key role in the undergound organization to help link central Europe to the outside world. (Cen I-89)

When he tries to capture Switzerland, he won't be successful but a bomb directed towards Geneva and Zurich will land in France instead and cause contamination. [biological? does not seem to be a neutron weapon] (Cen III-99)

The European beachheads will be in Corsica and Tuscany (N.Italy). He will try to take Gibraltar, but it will be well-protected. France will probably make an alliance with the Anti-Christ, which will be one of her biggest mistakes. This gives him a hold so that he can conquer his real objectives, Switzerland and southern Germany (the great industrial areas of the 1990s). The enemies of Europe at this time will use nuns and other religious figures to infiltrate these countries. He does not attack France, in the hope of gaining an alliance with that country, but will attack Italy, Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia. This whole area will become a battleground. He will also try to conquer London, but England will have superior weapons. (mid-90s) (Cen IV-35)

He will battle both the Mohammedans and the Islamic people in Iran and Iraq. The battle front in Europe will be in Greece. (Cen III-64)
[Greece? or could this be more properly interpreted as 'Macedonia' - one of the areas currently being considered for the start of WWIII?]

For the first and only time in history both China and Russia will be under one leader, as he shall be successful in conquering both. (Cen I -50)

Russia will break free and unite with these countries not yet conquered - United States and Canada, later on also northern Europe - the "northern pole alliance" - which will strike fear into the heart of the Anti-Christ because he can see the beginning of the end. (Cen VI-22)

Early 2000s: Earth shift; many people will leave the planet at that time - including followers of the Anti-Christ, and the Anti-Christ himself will die near Ponterosa at that time, swept away in a tidal wave. This is in the alpine area of northern Italy and Switzerland.
[Presumably 'ascension' is also included in the reference to 'leaving', but for a different reason: some may leave in 2001 for a period of extensive training in helping return the planet to its previous glory]

His followers will try to continue the war, but the earth shift itself will cause people to put away their weapons and try to rebuild civilization. He will control most of Europe, but not the Americas, which by that time will appear mainly as islands. (Cen VIII-49)

13 Feb 2036 (?) Turmoil will cause one of the leaders to be assassinated by a faction that still holds the beliefs of the Anti-Christ, although he himself is gone. But out of this will come one world government. (Cen III-96)

The Teacher of the Anti-Christ: The Imam will be evil incarnate, one of the most talented psychics that has ever existed, and will instruct the young man in mind techniques - "think hate .." He has a scar on the cheekbone under the left eye; eyelids rarely open fully; bearded, strong facial features, small in stature.

The Opponent of the Anti-Christ: Ogmios [born 17th Oct 1952: Cen I-50] the underground French leader (with a non-French name: currently a dissatisfied priest in Prague): initially a follower of the Anti-Christ, who comes to power during the time of troubles, but then becomes his nmesis. (Cen IV -60)

He will first confront the Anti-Christ close to Istanbul. (Cen V -80)

His organization will survive and serve as a basis for future governments when the Anti-Christ is brought down.

When he has completed his task, he will go underground, where he will live the rest of his days in peace and serenity.
(Cen III-58)

The free-aligned states will be principally third-world countries who sign a treaty, including some African countries, some Pacific island nations, New Zealand, some South American countries and the State of Texas, to work as an alliance against the Anti-Christ. (Cen VIII-52)

* * * * * * *


There have been many 'translations' of Nostradamus, but not until the series "Conversations with Nostradamus" did the real meaning and intention ever get out to the public, so we are indebted to Dolores Cannon and friends for finally getting the story straight. And, of course, also to Nostradamus himself: now that the Inquisition could not touch him, he was free to state clearly what he really meant by these quatrains

Some of the astrological possibilities however were not fully explored, preference being given to dates close to 1987. This however is a minor flaw in this otherwise most appreciated work.

Years in brackets (1987) indicate the time when the comment was made or made concerning.

[Comments in italics are ours]

Extracted from:

"Conversations with Nostradamus" Volumes I, II and III

Author: Dolores Cannon 1992

Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishers,
P.O.Box 754, Huntsville AR 72740-0754.

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July, 1995. Updated: October 2000.

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