Reprinted with permission from an article written in 1984 (revised 1987, 1992)

[See 2003 Update]

FOREWORD to the 1995 Edition

There is so much that could still be added to this article, but we have refrained from doing so. As each year passes, so much more becomes obvious from the events that occur, and it is almost a full-time occupation recording developments (some quite unbelievable to the uninformed).

This original 1984 article has been expanded and updated more than once and the latest comments have been added [in parenthesis].

One must refer to very ancient documents in order to gain a real insight into the (recurring) future, but we are living right now in the most historic period of Man's existence on this planet. However, reference should be made to two insidious plans: G.W.E.N. and the 'Second Coming'. The Groundwave Emergency Network (GWEN) was completed in November 1992 for communications throughout North America, through the earth itself rather than airwaves polluted by nuclear fallout, but is currently used to beam out mind-bending frequencies, causing regional instances of illness or ill-ease (overall lethargy and reluctance to take action; flu on the West Coast, meningitis in Ottawa etc). The second is Project Blue Beam which is a holographic representation world-wide of the 'Second Coming' (postponed in 1994, replanned to coincide with one of Dr Billy Graham's 1995 Global Missions), where aliens complete with spacecraft are to 'attack' earth, followed by the 'Messiah' with His spacecraft to 'save Christians' .... where will they go when collected? Remember allegations that the Argentinian government had dumped dissenters into the ocean .....?

It seems however that too many of the necessary satellites were taken out by the Russians to carry out this project - both possible dates in 1995 passed without incident.

To control a country without declaring war and overcoming it, one must first disarm the populace (initially by innocuously proposing registration of all firearms, then making their possession illegal - and now you know where they all are .... !); secondly, ensure that military forces are either abroad, disbanded or replaced by foreign [U.N.] troops, who will not side with the local citizenry when ordered to move against them; implement the four 'pillars of control' - ignorance (suppression of information, propagation of disinformation); guilt (born into sin, owing money - the so-called national debt, which does not exist); fear (a God of wrath rather than of Love; the need for employment as well as numerous social services in order to live); and poverty (taxation - taxation - taxation).

We gratefully acknowledge the counter-activities of many in high places (including those beyond this Earth's sphere) which have so often thrown a spanner in the works and caused postponement of Global Plan 2000 to the year 2002 (at one time it was two years ahead of schedule).

* * * * * *

From time immemorial it would seem that we have had warnings of the impending 'end of the world' from street-corner orators, walking billboards and a miscellany of evangelists, all convinced that they have been chosen to warn the world of its impending end and advise mankind on how it can be saved - all harbingers of gloom and doom. This has made us all understandably wary of any suggestion that fire and brimstone, or its equivalent, await us within the foreseeable future.

The world is not scheduled to be completely destroyed, although the use of hydrogen bombs could start an unstoppable reaction [this has happened more than once, and higher authority was successfully petitioned to stop it]. Nevertheless, civilizations are periodically obliterated, and the world as it was known has been completely altered; in that sense one's world does come to an end .......the end result being virtually the same. [By 1992 technology had reached such a peak that the planet could be totally destroyed within 15 minutes; the sad part is that those in control have absolutely no conscience and disaster could be just around the corner]

To predict the future by examining the past (such as the history of past events, or statistics) is as fool-hardy as trying to steer a ship through the night by shining a searchlight over the wake at the stern of the ship, rather than setting a lookout at the prow and watching for unscheduled obstacles in one's path.

What is accepted today as the history of mankind is only a fraction of the full and real story and the historical details as taught in educational facilities are questionable. Time and time again almost all trace of mankind has been erased - of the last 21 civilizations, Bertrand Russell claims that 14 disappeared leaving only the barest minimum trace. It requires a deeper understanding of Man's past and present history - and some clearing of the cobwebs - to realize what the future still holds in store for mankind.

Over the last 2,000 years we have had ample warning of what is yet to come, although many of the prophecies were couched in terms which were difficult, if not impossible, to understand at the time - they often referred to situations which had not yet been experienced, or to objects not yet invented ..... which would certainly tax to the utmost the literary ability of the best writers of these times. These same writings were retranslated or edited by the controlling authorities as they felt fit, and continue to this day to be reinterpreted.

Predictions of course are always dangerous but the observant will be able to see today the signs of many of these prophecies, as Man takes step after step in the wrong direction. One must realize too that Man has free will; that many of these events need not take place if the human race were to change for the better, or if sufficient like-minded people concentrated on sending out unconditional Love to their fellow-men (and indeed there are many groups of spiritually minded people at the present time doing just that) .......let it not be readily forgotten how the citizens of Britain prayed for deliverance when Hitler's armies gathered on the northern coasts of France in World War II, and how Hitler was mysteriously stayed.

It has been demonstrated that group meditation can have a beneficial effect on the crime rate. It can be used for more than that. But, knowing the nature of man, the prospect for avoiding many of these catastrophes must be considered bleak.

The power of prayer has been misunderstood (shall we say, mistaught), leaving many dismayed at the results: often the prayer is to show God what to do to correct wrongs, as if He didn't know - the purpose of prayer is to ask what WE can do, so long as it is in accordance with Universal or God's Laws. We must then listen for the answer (meditation) and take appropriate action, rather than wait for someone else to do the job for us. The apparent failure of prayer is in reality the failure of the prayor to appreciate the relationship between Man and God.

The Age of Cataclysm, which is indicative of the change from one age to another, brings with it winds of change - social, climatic and geophysical change. The breezes which we feel today will develop into storms of great fury before the century is out. Although now apparent to even the casual observers, they will be largely unforeseen (or not admitted) by political and other leaders, and our present social systems could not possibly cope with the nature and extent of these changes.

It is important to be informed and have an understanding of how situations and events would or could have an effect on one's life. Forewarned is forearmed. Being prepared for an event which does not occur is not necessarily a waste of time and energy - it may have helped prevent the event from occurring. Comprehension of the future could well provide the means necessary to survive it. But one must also take action. Remember the Boy Scouts motto:- "Be Prepared" ....

Man resists change at all costs. Unlike the animal kingdom, who 'intuitively' flee from danger, Man invariably clings to the illusion of security rather than upset the status quo. The government will take care of us, he claims. Government without control over money is powerless to help, even if it felt so inclined. Politicians look after their own interests unless other benefits can be gained.

It would take many books to detail all that has been forecast for the next decade or so, and many have indeed been written on the subject, but the following is a summary of events that threaten, from what might be considered hitherto reliable and knowledgeable sources - always with the proviso that Man himself is responsible for the occurrence of most of them and holds the dagger above his own head.

The chain of events in social unrest, geological upheaval and climatic change has been given to us down through the ages, but there is little to link the stage of, for example, social change with the time scale for geological or other change. We are accustomed to thinking in terms of dates, whereas events occur in a given sequence. The highest levels of government are well aware of this, and while they have prepared underground cities for themselves, the most sophisticated technology is used to manipulate naturally occurring events so that the uninformed will be totally unaware of this interference .......and the insurance companies [who are on the brink of bankruptcy in 1995] will disallow compensation on the grounds of it being classified as an "Act of God." [whom else could we blame??]


It is well documented that the earth's poles have shifted many times in the past, causing sudden and very dramatic climatic changes, catching Man and beast off-guard. The next shift has been predicted for around the year 2000. Spring is vanishing as winter plunges into summer. At the time of the shift, vast areas will be so altered weatherize that discontent will be widespread. Clothing requirements for one thing will catch many off guard.

Changes in weather patterns have become obvious since the beginning of the 1980s: they have become increasingly erratic and violent, with drought, forest fires, heavy snowfalls, gale force winds and extensive flooding all creating havoc with the harvesting of grain and sensitive food crops, as well as discomfort, financial hardship and the disruption of commercial activities. Winter tourist attractions can no longer rely on balmy breezes: the 'colder' climes are often more enjoyable in winter. Perplexed holiday makers find their hard-earned savings wasted more and more often, as they find the climate back home more amenable than at their expensive 'sunshine' destination.

Newspapers in the late 1980s were increasingly filled with reports of earthquakes in 'unusual' places - those not considered prone to earthquake damage; of unusually heavy rains at the 'wrong' time of year, often causing dams to burst (as happened in Lagos, Western Nigeria); of hurricanes, sudden storms and tornados in surprising localities, creating 'unbelievable' devastation. In other words there had been often no such comparable event in local history and the people were completely unprepared for it and still could not believe it even after the event.

In January 1987 Hurricane Sally pounded the shores of Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, with 30 foot waves and winds gusting up to 125 mph, making it the worst storm in living memory, according to Prime Minister Sir Tom Davis.

In September 1987 news flashed around the world that a tornado had hit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's most northerly city and North America's coldest, leaving 26 people dead in its path of destruction. The local press then published an article explaining exactly what a tornado was, for the benefit of the puzzled populace.

1988 became known as the year of the hurricane. Hurricane Gilbert was the most ferocious hurricane ever measured with winds up to 260 km/hr (160 miles per hour): it ripped through Jamaica, destroying 100,000 homes and damaging 400,000 others.

[In 1992 it was man-made hurricanes that made the news, taking unusually straight paths and hitting targets with great precision - oil rigs off Colombia, a nuclear power-plant in Florida, Homestead Air Force Base .... the cocaine path - for followers of the real news. Weather wars were now in full swing. What happened on one side of the Atlantic, also occurred on the other side without much delay. There were NO investigations. Only the people were left in pain and bewilderment.]

In July 1987 the temperature in Greece stayed at around 44 degrees Centigrade for eight days, killing more than 800 people (hospitals there do not have air-conditioning); while not far away in Northern Yugoslavia gales, hail and torrential rain seriously damaged crops in the country' s main grain-growing areas.

In January 1989 the average temperature in Ireland (Eire) was higher than it had been in July 1988 - the middle of winter was warmer than midsummer! We can expect even more drastic changes as the years roll by.

In the late '80s weather became an important part of the news. While an acting career in Hollywood might help a professional weatherman on TV, the newspapers started a weekly map of weather patterns and seismic activity world-wide. Was this to get us accustomed to the unusual weather patterns?

Misinformation was also increasing: it helped to divert attention from more serious matters. Much attention was given to the 'ozone layer' over the poles and environmentalist action was started to protect the ozone layer. By this time all one had to do to get the population to believe something (and defend it to the death) was to report information or 'statistics' in the press or TV; it was therefore relatively easy to get the message across that the ozone layer was in danger ......although the gap in the ozone layer at the poles has always been there, is an important feature of the planet on which we live, and has changed little over the years.

[What the ozone hole does let through however is PHOTONS - light particles (gamma rays) which will be the energy source of the future. Currently used for the top-secret AURORA, an American research plane which travels soundlessly at close to the speed of light.]

Scientific research also shows that:

(a) Most of the Earth's population is in the Northern Hemisphere, which accounts for most of the pollution;

(b) Winds are confined to the hemisphere in which they originate;

(c) The ozone hole lies over the South Pole - which obviously lies in the Southern Hemisphere;

(d) When ultraviolet rays hit the earth (the 'problem' with the Ozone Hole) they produce OZONE .....

What was that question again .......??

Snowfall is due to increase as more moisture becomes trapped in the earth's inner atmosphere and cold winds come howling down from the Arctic. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is shortening. As the time for the shift approaches, there will be noticeable changes in atmospheric pressure. The picture now is very clouded - in more ways than one. Both the United States and the Soviet Union are able to control and establish any type of weather pattern within hours. But natural laws help counteract man's mismanagement of his environment.

Colder temperatures will keep the oxygen closer to the Earth's plane rather than allowing it to dissipate into space. To some extent this will make up for the destruction of forests, especially in Brazil, which are a major source of oxygen.

Scientists have been responsible for the spreading of misleading information on Ice Ages. Frequently one reads in the press that a lowering of the temperature threatens the return of an Ice Age: the reverse is true - when the rays of the sun meet less opposition in their path to the earth, there is an increase in land temperatures, especially around the equator, where temperatures are always higher. This higher temperature results in greater evaporation from the earth's oceans, with the winds carrying this excess moisture from the equator to the poles, where precipitation occurs. When moisture in the air is so great that constant polar winds cannot evaporate existing ice, the expanse of ice increases, creating an ice age. Warmer temperatures therefore indicate an ice age, not vice-versa!!

[Ice Ages in the past are stated to have lasted tens of thousands of years. There are always Ice Ages - wherever the Poles are, there is the Ice Age, and they have shifted around considerably. Every 12,600 years we enter into a major Ice Age, when the planet enters the Photon Belt, which lasts about 2,000 years]

A chemical balance must be maintained. An excess of acid causes not only problems for plant and marine life: an imbalance in the human body also results in disease. Ice Ages create an erosion of alkaline substances in the soil which leach into the ocean, which is currently building up massive reserves of alkali - to be released when the oceans overwhelm many of the current land masses at the time of the shift. Ice Ages are in fact a natural reaction to correct the chemical imbalances such as are caused by acid rain. Mother Earth is a living, thinking organism.

Climate will also be affected by manipulation of the weather: any weather pattern can be artificially induced. The 'standing wave' which created the extremely cold conditions on the North American west coast in 1981-82 was (rightly) attributed in the press to interference by the Russians, who have long studied the work of Nicola Tesla in electromagnetism and the effect of various frequencies. Some of their attempts in Europe however backfired and added to their mounting crop problems. A Moscow firm publicly advertised their services in 1992 - the ability to create specific weather patterns as required by any client .....

Future wars will include 'weather wars': thunderstorms, rain, floods, hail or tornados artificially induced, as well as the deliberate changing of weather patterns; long, excessively hot periods followed by long, unusually cold periods could knock out agriculture, create extra expense for governments (the taxpayer) and disrupt industry. Very effective for blackmail for it.

[As of 1994 weather manipulation was almost constant, with 'freak' weather patterns world-wide, causing extensive economic damage. There are several power factions at work, each working against the other for supreme control. The diplomatic work of Jimmy Carter in Korea was not appreciated by other factions, who took out their anger on the State of Georgia - Jimmy Carter country.]

At the time of the shift most of Western Canada and the U.S.A. will become warmer. Eastern Canada and U.S. will become much colder. Greenland and Antarctica will be more temperate and free from ice, as before. Europe will be drastically altered.

This shift is expected to be 25-30 degrees, taking effect over the space of about six hours, although this could be open to interpretation, such as three movements. It will not be a uniform movement as the Earth will skew about or 'slurp to one side': one side of the Northern Hemisphere will move towards the Equator.

The climatic changes should be completed about the time Earth is due to enjoy a new solar system, about the time our universe moves into a new position in the cosmos and enters the 'photon belt' around 2012, an age of 'Light.'

The Hopi Indians tell of a great cleansing "when the Blue Star shall appear" ..... It is said that we shall have a new sun around the year 2012. At the moment it cannot be seen: the light of a sun only becomes intense when it enters into a secondary magnetic field such as our solar system. It will first be seen as a reddish light (a red dwarf) then BLUE, fulfilling the Indian legend. The new sun will be much brighter than the present one, which will be pushed out from the centre of the system - to create a binary system. We have the only system which is not binary, according to scientists, making us allegedly an exception to the rule. This sun exists already in the system, but is not visible. This will be no doubt the Sun of Justice, a sign of the Second Coming: Earth will start the next millennium cleansed, and with a new source of light.

Others believe that the Earth itself will become as a sun, with a golden glow. Perhaps this is the reason for the term 'Golden Age': currently the planet Earth is known as the Emerald Planet because it appears green from outer space. [the Earth will become golden like a sun, but this will be evident only from outer space, looking in upon Earth, so it will not be too relevant for Earthlings]

Desertification continues each year at a staggering rate: in June 1988 the World Bank reported that the Sahara had moved southwards some 350 km (some 200 miles) over the last twenty years. This is aggravated world-wide by commercial greed and gross mismanagement of agricultural land and forests.

Drought is widespread today, but the drought which has received most press coverage recently is the one in Africa, especially Ethiopia (a country to watch in the coming years). An excellent example not only of Man's indifference to the earth he inhabits and which produces his food, but also of Man's indifference to his fellow-man. While donations of food poured into needy Ethiopia from the West, little of it ever reached those in need: most sat at the docks rotting - there was no government interest in transporting it to their own people, or it was sold commercially for profit in other (foreign) markets was even hi-jacked on a regular basis. Man can be his own worst enemy. [in 1992 attention was more on Somalia where, as usual, food shipments rarely reached the people who needed them]

Rainfall in any one area depends upon the existence of trees, woods, forests, and deep underground water reservoirs: when the trees disappear (they are often cleared in order to provide more land for cultivation) the land eventually becomes desert on account of the lack of rainfall, no crops grow and man in turn dies off or has to move to new areas not yet mismanaged. The forests of Brazil produce 25% of the world's supply of oxygen, but in the 1980s logging commenced there on a major scale: a grim prospect for the future of all mankind.


In school one is taught that actions and reactions occur slowly and can be forecast with reasonable accuracy: consider the theory of 'continental drift' on the one hand, and industry statistics on the other. No allowance is made for sudden change, such as that which caused the demise of the dinosaurs, the mammoths (their flesh flash-frozen and with grass still in their mouths); the disappearance of Atlantis and other continents, many of whose cities can still be observed underwater today - aquatic graveyards; the effect on world economies of a sudden, sharp increase in the price of one commodity, such as a barrel of oil; or the Great Depression, which happened in a matter of hours - the day after Henry Ford held the biggest celebration on record in the U.S.A.

Some of us have experienced earthquakes or tremors; many will have witnessed their devastation on film or TV, or read reports of their consequences in the press but all this is trivial compared to these which take place every few thousand years, and which are anticipated again by the close of this century. They have of course already started: earthquake activity has greatly increased over the last few decades and occurs in places where inhabitants are unaccustomed to even thinking about such dangers. The Age of Cataclysm is upon us - a decade of severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, cyclones and waterspouts, with vast areas of land disappearing beneath the waves while other areas rise from the waves in this overall plan for the renewal of planet Earth. The earthquakes will be around 12.0 on the Richter scale, which is difficult for the human mind to comprehend: past records are considered only legends - [Note too the recent, government imposed change in the Richter Scale - more misleading information. 1996-97 is expected to be 'Black Friday' as far as Earth Changes are concerned]

At the present time we are afflicted world-wide by the consequences of acid rain. The oceans however are alkaline. The Earth must be returned to a balanced state by an Ice Age, which will reduce the atmospheric temperature, thereby reducing the levels of carbon dioxide, and by the overflowing of the oceans into space currently occupied by dry land - and millions of people. The alkali waters of the seas will negate the effects of acid rain on the land as towering tidal waves engulf coastal areas and inlets. Science has problems in accepting that Earth is a living planet. But this is Mother Earth's 'remedy of last resort'.

If the ice of Antarctica were to melt, as mentioned earlier, scientists estimate that the level of the oceans would rise 50 meters (160 feet). Such occurrences have been frequent in the history of earth. When the Third Glaciation started to melt (12,000 years ago) the level of the oceans was 200 meters (620 feet) below today's levels. Imagine what that would do to the ports of the world today!

How will it all start? Jeane Dixon refers to a comet striking Earth in the '80s. It would not be the first time an astral body has collided with earth: there are many signs of this having happened before in various locations, where enormous craters with unique mineral content exist - not to mention the circumstances of planet Earth's beginning.

[It would appear that this event is due in the late '9Os, after circling the earth and causing panic among its inhabitants, landing in the Gulf of Mexico, when tidal waves will swamp much of the surrounding lands from Texas to the Yucatan - the Wormwood of the Bible??]

Edgar Cayce, America's most respected psychic, stated that when there was the breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (Pacific ?) and those apparent in the sinking or rising of that which is almost opposite - the Mediterranean, and the Mt Etna region, then we shall know that the Age of Cataclysm had begun in earnest. It has been suggested that 1990 to 2015 will equate to this period.

This dramatic point in time has not yet been reached, although volcanic and seismic activity increases from year to year. [We reached it in 1992: in the first 3 months of 1994 there were 2,000 earthquakes in PERU alone]

Devastation is forecast to start in India with tidal waves and earthquakes, which will then occur in Japan also, causing large portions to go under water. One must also consider the economic implications of Japan's demise, particularly in the field of electronics and office equipment. It was reported in Science News (24 Dec 1977) that Japan is but a small part of the former land mass that extended about 300 km (180 miles) into the Pacific, and that the ancient land mass subsided rapidly from above sea-level to more than 2 kilometers below sea-level. Japan is said to be one of the most geologically unstable areas in the world and most seismologists consider it is overdue for a cataclysmic earthquake. Japanese folklore confirms this point of view. [Kobe was a start - but 'man-made']

The final signals in the key warning sequence will be eruptions of Mt Vesuvius in Italy and Mt Pelee in Martinique (West Indies), the former triggered by a violent earthquake and causing damage as far away as France and Scandinavia. Vesuvius has not erupted since 1944 - strange when there has been increasing volcanic activity world-wide since 1955, although its neighbours Etna and a volcano on Stromboli Island have been active recently and lie on the same fault system. The final event in this series will be the destruction of California by inundation, the coast eventually coming inland to Phoenix in Arizona, Spokane in Washington, and almost to Denver in Colorado.

It is hard to believe that even in earthquake prone California a damaging earthquake is a non-believable hazard. Residents rebuild on the San Andreas fault itself, and insurance companies are still willing to insure. Developers likewise build high-rises and factories, without apparent regard for the future safety of their occupants. Even nuclear facilities are built in such neighbourhoods. Does the human race have a blockage somewhere?

North America will see significant changes - more devastation in fact than anywhere else in the world. East and West coasts inundated, Phoenix eventually a major seaport, the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway growing larger and wider, but emptying into the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi (which will divide the country and widen to as far as Dallas in Texas) rather than the Atlantic. None of the great cities of the United States would remain.

Scientists (who are more fallible than many of us imagine) have claimed that it would be impossible for California to fall into the sea as the ocean is only two miles deep at that point, whereas the land mass is twenty miles deep. One must look further than mere topography. The vibration set up by seismic activity can liquefy poorly consolidated underlying sediments and turn them into quicksand (1964 earthquake in Niigata, Japan). Only the most solid igneous or metamorphic rock can stand up to that. The earth's thin mantle cracks easily.

Those who lived at the time of Noah were also skeptical - there was insufficient water in the basin of the ocean to rise to the tremendous height required to inundate the Earth ..... but the deluge of that time is well recorded, both geologically and in the unwritten history of most races of this Earth.

A more promising forecast is that a U.S. president will recognize the coming dangers and put into effect safety measures in preparation for the shift of the Earth on its axis, designating areas to which the population can go at the first signs of the Earth's wobble and prepare supplies of food and shelter. But those who are more aware will also know when and where to go - if they plan to remain.

[It is known now that the power-brokers of One World Government have built their own vast underground cities across the world, including food supplies for three years in preparation for these events, so that they can come out of hiding eventually and hold the remnant of the world's population to ransom - i.e. slavery]

The correlation of seismic or volcanic activities and man's activities in the affected areas is interesting, but understood by few. Man's attitudes and emotions affect his environment. The price must eventually be paid, although it may take many innocent bystanders with it. One must realize however that death is not an end nor a chance happening, but merely a transition from one state to another, when we are ready for the next step.

A certain amount of ecological destruction will be (and is being) allowed to take place, it is said, in order to persuade mankind come to its senses and return to brotherly love. It is often necessary to do away with the old in order to bring in the new, so a certain amount of destruction is always necessary before a new system can be established. New leaders will be required to replace the old.

Once again it must be said, one must view these changes not with fear but with the calm knowledge of what is to come, and be prepared, in order to survive. The inordinate demands which these changes will make on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Man will create a real crisis for most citizens of this Earth. Those prepared for such changes will find it easiest to survive, and survival will be an art in itself.


Global 2000 is the name given to the plan presented by the Carter administration whereby the population of the world will be decreased from 7 billion to just over half a billion for 'economic' reasons, managed by the World Health Organization. [President Bush has let it slip from his lips, which hopefully everyone was watching, that this is still the plan, and a global conference was held on this subject in Cairo in October 1992 - accompanied right on cue by an earthquake!]

The earth's resources are being increasingly depleted by the enormous population explosion of the last few decades, yet fewer 'workers' are needed because of automation and robotics in so many fields. This population reduction would leave a much more comfortable world, it is thought, for those that remain. Plans by Third World countries to limit population growth have not been successful, therefore the 'Illuminati' are preparing alternative ways of achieving this goal - famine, disease [AIDS, Ebola Fever, frequency-induced disease, airborne germ 'warfare'], biological warfare, anthrax, poisoning of water supplies, the spread of disease through inoculation of the populace, allegedly as protection against specific diseases, the fostering of discontent leading to strife, violence and war on a global scale - their plans are gaining momentum from year to year. Watch carefully as outbreaks of disease are reported - in 'low-risk' areas. Watch also for low-flying aircraft on spraying missions (at night).

The fastest growing segment of the population is unfortunately that which is considered least productive - the already poor, uneducated and underprivileged - which increases the problems of hunger and need already existent.

It is also significantly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, whose membership is especially widespread in underdeveloped countries such as those of South America, being more interested in increasing the numbers controlled by their way of life than in the needs of their members, being opposed to all kinds of birth-control, which would put a brake on their expanding membership, and lessen their power.

The world food shortage could be turned around quite easily. It is claimed that if the land currently used to produce just tobacco were turned to produce grain or other crops, the starving population could be fed.

Our education and upbringing have been deliberately manipulated to prevent us understanding the implications of mismanagement of our resources and environment. But there is a strong distrust growing in the upcoming generation, so that there is hope that the future will be better managed than it has been up till now. A glimmer of light, of hope, for the future and for those remaining.

Mismanagement, greed and hunger for power and money are the culprits in the food shortage. It takes ten times more grain to feed cattle to provide beef for a human being than it does to provide grain for that same human being.

The fluoridation of water supplies was not pushed upon local and other governments in order to better public health. Russia was violently opposed to the idea, which may seem odd until one understands the reason. The effect upon the populace is to make them more amenable to suggestion and to direction, which makes them easier to control. The Russians were afraid that their own people might be more influenced by foreign media and radio/TV broadcasts in particular; otherwise it would be an obvious help in controlling the masses.

Fluoride in dental preparations causes the teeth to decay slowly from the inside, helping to promote business for the dental industry. If they were really interested in protecting teeth, they would have allowed a Scottish invention of highly concentrated calcium to be painted on teeth, as it reverses tooth decay. Not good for business! That patent was bought out and is now well hidden.

The original research carried out by I.G. Farben scientists in Nazi war camps showed conclusively that fluoride acted destructively on the brain and nervous system, causing impaired reasoning. The toxic effects included damage to the brain and nervous system and irreversible narcotizing changes.

SLOW DEATH .... towards the year 2000. Additives have been put into beef which create heart and circulation conditions, cancer, and a dulling of the mind. This has the full approval of medical associations. North American football teams live on beef - and the players are commonly known as 'meat-heads' ....... lacking a certain amount of intelligence, and being aggressive at the same time, another symptom of indulgence in beef.

The United States has been visibly guilty of willingly exporting poisoned baby formula (Nestle), chemically treated foodstuffs as well as numerous herbicides, fertilizers and drugs to Third World countries, while their use was illegal in the United States. The magazine "Mother Jones" reported in November 1981 on the drug "Depo-Provera" which was being injected into millions of mothers in Third World countries, causing cancer, other diseases and death, while it was illegal in the U.S. This was not just a case of greed on the part of pharmaceutical manufacturers, but part of the Global 2000 plan. The benefits are two-fold.

The need to be independent as far as food is concerned will become rapidly more important in the 1990s, as even a vegetarian diet will be equally hazardous to one's health. It will require the cooperation of local farms or cooperatives, or the establishment of such organic farms, to provide untainted fruit, vegetables and meat for consumption by those who are knowledgeable enough to be aware of what their physical body requires, in order to retain one's health through that stressful period. Your home garden will have to be a source of vital nutrition.

A bill passed almost unnoticed through the Canadian parliament in 1987, authorizing the building of six large 'detention centres' in Northern Canada. These were inferred to be for 'prisoners of war.' But Canada is not at war, so why are these structures being built in such isolated areas? Would they perhaps be for those found guilty of acts of civilian disobedience when dictatorial measures are introduced for the control of the populace?

[In 1995 voicing one's opinion against government policy was indeed being treated as civil disobedience]


Husbandry of the planet on which we live became a major topic of discussion in the late '80s and will be critical in the '90s as commerce turns a blind eye to the devastation which greed and selfishness in business causes. Knowing the devastation coming to this planet, the controllers want to make every penny they can from its resources before they transfer to their future quarters.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell and physicist Albert Einstein issued in 1955 what is known as the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, which helped the general public realize that humanity would face mass extinction in a nuclear war. This resulted in the formation of the Pugwash Movement, a group of scientists dedicated to finding ways of preventing nuclear war, but who subsequently realized there were other threats to humanity which were just as great, such as deforestation and soil degradation, and in September 1988 issued a warning that growing strains on the environment could lead to massive catastrophe even if nuclear war were avoided.

Irresponsibility: where will it lead us? Is it short-sightedness or commercial greed? Growers of seed have developed at the instigation of the chemical industry seeds which grow only if certain fertilizers are used (ensuring a high level of profit for fertilizer manufacturers on a permanent basis) - but the continued and excessive use of fertilizers and herbicides break down the tilth of the soil, which blows away in the wind, and that which remains must receive even more fertilizer to keep up production, while the excess salts from these chemicals seep into and pollute the groundwater, making it unsuitable for drinking - but it is drunk all the same, as there is no apparent alternative, creating health problems for both humans and animals, which in turn creates a need for other chemicals - those which go into the drugs to 'resolve' these problems (manufactured by the same industry). What better business strategy could one wish for!

Landfill sites and out-of-the-way dumps for the quiet disposal of killer chemicals, which gradually seep into the groundwater system have become a serious problem: so serious that whole residential neighborhoods have had to be evacuated, with the inhabitants not only losing their investment in one of the most important aspects of living - shelter - but being in debt to the banks for the balance of what they owe. Forgiveness is unthinkable when money is owed to the banks ..... unless you have something which is even more valuable to them.

The beauty spots on this Earth have been blighted, to the disappointment of the tourist and those who benefit from the tourist trade. In August 1988 the Financial Post of Canada published a Reuters photograph of a gondolier and his passengers wearing face masks to protect them from the stench of Venice's canals: algae had driven away both fish and tourists.

Being an environmentalist can be dangerous: being officially listed as such can result in the loss of public rights, danger to one's credit rating and the continuation of a loan or mortgage at the bank .... but will you ever be able to convince anyone that there is any such connection! The lines of communication are one-way only.

The growing wave of public opinion may be making politicians think twice. In February 1989, the Province of Ontario in Canada became the first government to ban aerosol sprays, refrigerator coolant and even foam coffee cups, in an attempt to help preserve the earth's protective ozone layer - but the laws take effect gradually, between July 1989 and July 1998. A token admission of concern ..... and much can happen in the space of ten years.

[It was later discovered that the research was inaccurate and only for the benefit of the industry in general]

Mother Earth will surely lose patience and take steps on her own to right the matter very soon.

Can one rely on a politician, who in order to be nominated is obliged to sign a document to the effect that he will vote according to instructions from the party, rather than his constituency? The people of Alberta now know, after taking their representative to court for disobeying their wishes on the matter of the Goods and Services Tax!

Yet most individuals honestly believe that the government is on their side: when the worst comes to the worst, government will look after them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Politicians are the pawns of those who put them in power. Industry and commerce rules supreme, and in the next decade it will become more and more apparent that the individual is unimportant, as is his environment, his social services ......slavery is on our doorstep, yet it will not be recognised until it is too late.

Even now, the individual 'wronged' by a business of any kind will find little sympathy from government consumer affairs representatives, who normally take the side of the industry or business concerned. Rotten tuna can be sold to any unsuspecting public, with Government support - as has been demonstrated in Canada, or diverted to third world countries, as jobs must not be endangered; whatever the cost, it is politically unacceptable.

It is hard to believe that the sand dunes known today as the Turks & Caicos Islands were once a treed paradise. Trees are important as they attract moisture in the form of rain, but rain is unsalted water and the major industry in these islands was salt, harvested from the saltwater which was left to evaporate, leaving behind this essential commodity. As the rain was interfering with the drying out process, all trees were cut down ....... another instance of the desertification which Man brings about by shortsightedness and greed.

This has happened so oft in man's history, yet little has been learned from past experiences - every time there has been such a catastrophic chain of events that Man has been returned to the Stone Age, and had to start over.

The records are scanty, but they are there. A solid gold model of a jet aircraft held in an Egyptian museum, dating back over 2,000 years, with the wings typical of a jet transport (such as the C5A); descriptions of nuclear warfare in India in their historical books; indications of nuclear explosions gleaned from the Bible - Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt by looking at the explosion; further evidence in the form of sand turned to glass through the tremendous heat of nuclear explosions in the Sinai desert, which can still be examined today, dates back 12,000 years; the discovery of three perfectly shaped pyramids of crystal found in Egypt, which indicated that in reality they were part of four crystals which, when put together, formed another perfect pyramid.

The effects of pesticides and herbicides are gradually being recognised by public groups, despite the vigorous opposition and denials from industries which use them, often making use of 'researchers' who are bound to release findings which 'prove' useful to their employers in order to remain gainfully employed .....

An apple a day no longer keeps the doctor away - in March 1989 schoolchildren in Los Angeles and New York City found apples missing from their daily lunch plates: the School Districts were concerned at the 'intolerable risk' of cancer from pesticide residues on vegetables and fruit. Apple growers reacted angrily to the loss of 18 million apples yearly.

Traveling around the farmlands today the excessive use of fertilizers is very evident in the tell-tale white residue of salts along the perimeter of fields, the banks of streams, edges of ponds and in any hollow where water may gather.

One of the greatest dangers which faces mankind is the shortage of potable water.

The absence of rain, which, for example, has been noted in the Canadian Prairies for a decade, has lowered water tables significantly, requiring the digging of new wells at greater cost. In 1988 only 27% of Saskatchewan farmland had been planted by May, compared to 75% the year before. With the lack of moisture, the topsoil is removed by the wind, and the incidence of great 'walls of dust', zero visibility and tornado-like winds were common sights in 1988. Soil erosion, which reduces production capability in future years, is helped by the excessive use of fertilizers and herbicides, which break down the tilth of the soil and fatten only the purse of the petrochemical industry. Organic farmers do not have the same problem and erosion of their soil has always been minimal.

Knowledge has been cast aside, science is the new hero ..... yet the word science means nothing more than knowledge itself, gradually changed over the years to imply knowledge gained through the advocacy of certain principles and methods, especially those that are convenient from time to time to the industry or organization which employs scientists, or those compiling knowledge in that field in order that they be knowledgeable, and which can then be used as unassailable fact to confront adversaries. More often than not, the consumer is the adversary.

According to a study by the Polish Academy of Social Sciences in 1986, Poland was the most polluted country in the world. Many large plants shut down their pollution control equipment to save energy. Fully 90% of the water in the country's rivers was undrinkable; less than half of the country's 800 cities had sewage treatment plants - not even the capital, Warsaw; and most water in the Vistula, the country's largest river, was unfit even for industrial use.

The supply of Oxygen, the most essential prerequisite for living, is being gradually curtailed. Half the world's rain forests have disappeared since World War II: in 1987 the rate of destruction continued at the rate of 50 to 100 acres per minute. Why lose what the seas may soon cover, is the attitude of the controlling powers. Trees attract moisture; woods attract a significant amount of precipitation; rain forests play a significant role in modulating the earth's temperature. Almost one third of the world's forests lie in Brazil.

In March 1989 it was reported in West Germany that babies born there had an extremely high proportion of PCPs in their systems - ten times as much as adults. Food from third world countries was being blamed, as they still used DDT and PCPs there .... in other words, the practice of western countries selling chemicals to these countries after they had been banned in the West was coming home to roost. One of the greatest tragedies of all time is slowly creeping up on us, yet few seem to care - as has always been the case in the history of Man.


Privacy is a term which is now out-of-date. Spawned by the increasing call for statistics in business, fired by the increasing simplicity and capability of computer technology, the information explosion has created an insatiable desire to know everything about everyone. The collecting, processing, matching and transmitting of personal information is not just for business but for government use - or abuse. In an age of miniaturization, computers the size of a city block are utilized to keep track of the habits and activities of each global citizen.

In the same way that each living person has a footprint which can be tracked by the hosts of heaven, each human can now be tracked by a micro-dot/chip, which will relay his/her exact position at all times. Believe now in slavery? Information-gathering technology is responsible for the government of Canada, for instance, holding an estimated 10-12 files on the average citizen for the ostensible purpose of serving the public.

This is not a time to stand out in the crowd, for street-corner oratory, but a time for quiet dissemination of truth, of useful information, in a helpful, compassionate manner. One must blend in with the crowd, or create one's own crowd away from the stressful everyday life which has been arranged for us.


Apart from the dramatic geophysical changes which we are to experience soon, another catastrophe is waiting in the wings to make this truly a period that Man will not easily forget. It must be remembered nevertheless that, although the geophysical changes relate essentially to universal laws which cannot be altered, Man has free-will to alter the events which threaten society.

In the world of economics the 'Kondratieff Wave' is a statistical tool used in business to chart the ebb and flow of business cycles. While statistics can be misleading, in the mid-1980s all the signs needed to back the theory that we were speeding towards the 'Great Depression of 1987' were evident to all.

The Great Depression of 1929 was expected to be repeated in 1987 and we ourselves had arranged (by chance) a seminar on the subject for Friday, the 16th of October that year. Many will remember it as 'Black Friday' - the day the Stock Exchange came within 5 minutes of repeating the 1929 disaster. Closing time was a relief, and because the goal had not been achieved, there was not as much fuss made of it in the press as one would have expected.

What business whizzes overlooked however is that, although there are very definite business cycles, these are exploited by a group of financial 'overseers' - often referred to as 'the Illuminati' - who manipulate these cycles at the right time for their own benefit. The unexpected publicity of their operations caused a postponement of the planned economic depression [it still hangs over our heads, and has been attempted more than once since]

In October 1986 the Auditor General of Canada stated that a time bomb was ticking away in the federal pension system and its $228 billion in retirement fund assets, drawing a comparison with the banking crisis of 1985.

There is a more serious and comprehensive bank failure pending which would make money worthless overnight. Some believe that a financial accident will spark the greatest bank panic since the Great Depression. The government is technically bankrupt on both sides of the 49th Parallel. Medical and Hospital Care plans as well as Pension Plans are in danger of collapse, which would have disastrous social consequences. Only items which can be bartered will then be prized as possessions, and skills in many essential services will be prized assets. Shelter, food and clothing, and survival techniques, will be the prime priorities.

As one leading U.S. economist recently put it: "No one knows the thickness of the financial ice upon which the world is skating." The waves from such a banking collapse would equal the highest tidal waves caused by the coming earth changes in their world-wide devastating effect.

[During the dying weeks of 1992, over 500 branches of the Bank of America closed one weekend, while the industry held its breath and Japanese investors considered the possible effect on the Tokyo stock-market]

What will trigger the collapse? Will it be a 'debtor cartel' of South American nations, who are not even in a position to repay the interest on their outstanding loans, and bitterly resent the situation they are in ........Fidel Castro of Cuba recently advised these countries to form such a cartel as their debt was 'mathematically, economically, politically and morally unpayable." But he is careful enough to make interest payments on his own debt to Russia.

Financial and investment newsletters world-wide have been giving advice to their subscribers for some time on how to survive the coming depression. News of this is not permitted in the daily press: it is part of the planned suppression of information which is practised at a high level in many fields. [Mexico could trigger the collapse]

Although the precautions advised in order to mitigate personal inconvenience or suffering are too long to relate here, it is interesting to note that when the time does come, cheques and credit cards are unlikely to be honoured by any institution: only cash (if still available), silver/gold coins or barter goods will be 'coin of the realm.'

Cash transactions are anathema to taxation authorities - and are even outlawed in certain legal jurisdictions - but are on the increase. Some day the only transactions possible, other than barter, may be by coin.

Money as we know it is to be destroyed deliberately in favour of a debit card system - and these cards were being distributed in 1988, although attention was not being drawn to that fact. One will not be able to buy or sell without it, not even at McDonalds! This is known in many circles as 'the mark of the beast' - and the reasons will soon become clear. Each financial transaction, no matter how small, will be electronically recorded and made available to all organizations, government and other, who have paid to gain access to the financial history and habits of each individual. [The master computer in Belgium is called "the beast"]

There will be a knowledgeable few who will refuse to take part in this plan and withdraw to live off the land until such time as this iniquitous control is overcome, towards the end of this century. Independence or slavery is the choice, with no fence in-between. When the time comes, there will be no time to choose: preparations must be made beforehand and groups formed to work together in a common cause. Food must still be put on the table, and clothes on one's back. A positive attitude backed by understanding will ensure survival.

The earth changes themselves will bring international economic chaos [one more critical factor not mentioned: that individual known as "the Anti-Christ" leading the Moslem world].

Japan has for decades enjoyed a healthy economy: its success however has been built partially upon questionable ethics - including rather dismal working conditions for its workers. However it has made tremendous technological strides on its own of late and its demise could leave office technology in turmoil as it controls a major portion of the current electronics market. But to what extent will there still be a market?


There have been many prophecies of war, many of which go into great detail and describe one war after another - or they could well be concurrent: dates are very rarely given. Man has freewill, but his character is well-known.

It should be realized that events come in sequence and delays could occur: the purpose of prophecy or divulging information is to help prevent the occurrence by making us aware of the consequences of our actions.

In spite of the fear of nuclear war, widespread use of nuclear weapons may be confined to the Middle East, but the fall-out could affect the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. The Arabs see the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. [today the most hated nation on the planet] as enemies and will eventually turn against both of them, with China as an ally. Terrorism could make life in major cities a hazard.

[By 1992 the situation had changed: hi-tech weaponry made some incredible weapons available to Man: the neutron bomb - destroying life rather than buildings (used on South Georgia Island during the real Falklands War); the particle beam - used effectively in the Falklands war to destroy H.M.S. Sheffield (it was not the Exocet missile); ELF waves for widespread mind control; to mention but a few]

Man is indeed at the crossroads today: whether we have war or peace is up to the human race: world war can be prevented if sufficient like-minded people around the world will meditate, pray and work for peace. There are encouraging signs of this taking place more and more. Where two or more gather together in His name to pray and meditate, they release energies that help move mountains of fear and anger.

August 1986 was apparently a crucial point in man's history. World War III had been forecast for around 1986, commencing in Ethiopia, spreading through Africa, then Europe, finally engulfing the whole planet in warfare. But the response from the peoples of the West to the famine in Ethiopia created a very positive impression which negated the effects of anti-Western propaganda for the moment.

Watch the predictions of Nostradamus unfold. In 1985-86 there was unrest in Ethiopia; in 1986 Libya threatened the islands of the Mediterranean (Cyprus and Lampedusa, an Italian island) with invasion, as he predicted. He also foresaw world-wide financial disaster in 1996.

Wars are prevented by the common people, not government leaders, who often welcome war as it diverts attention from serious domestic problems. Today however it is terrorism which is the greater threat: the suitcase nuclear weapon, for which Libya reportedly offered as much as $100 million. [three were used to bomb the U.N. building in New York] Unfortunately there are many in the world today who live from the sale of munitions - war is required on a continual basis to maintain their lifestyle - and they are currently bent on creating such a weapon. Who uses it is immaterial: they have ensured their own safety. Religious fervour knows no bounds. It is only a matter of time.

The Europeans have long awaited an assault by the Russians, but it would appear likely that the Moslems will be the first to land on European soil. As far as they are concerned they have a God-given right to rid the world of heathen (anyone who is not a Moslem) .... and a religious war far exceeds all others in its atrocities. Nostradamus predicted that war would break out in Ethiopia and spread like wildfire across Africa. A two-pronged attack would then follow: one from Libya to the southern coasts of France and of Italy, after the islands of the Mediterranean had been laid waste; the other through Turkey. Note that all missiles in Europe face south!

South Africa, surrounded by communist-influenced countries, will certainly be a staging ground because of its tremendous wealth in diamonds - which controls the food markets of the world.

The course of events can be easily followed today. After eventual defeat at the hands of the British and West German armies and withdrawal from a devastated Europe, the Russians (or perhaps the Chinese) would step in to finish off the exhausted troops on both sides, reaching as far as France and the British Isles before the Americans finally join in and land on the beaches of Spain. [Nostradamus says that they will be delayed by a neutron bomb hitting the Pentagon and disrupting communications and planning]

The details of these wars are unusually extensive in the various prophecies - and we have not touched on the bloodiest of them all, in the Middle East itself, the final Arab-Israeli war; nor on the fate of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, which is a topic never mentioned by those keepers of the documents in the Vatican. The history of the Roman Catholic Church as such will come to an end after the appointment of two more Popes: eventually we shall see the 'new age' religion sweep the world before mankind finally comes to understand, or recollect, his relationship with the Creator and 'Churchianity' is replaced by spirituality.

[Before this happens look for a tyrannical 'religious' movement, suppressing all those not in agreement with their particular (man-made) doctrines: the current plan is for the Pope to be made sovereign ruler of the world on 1st January, 1999. The banning of books could be introduced to counter centres of information giving out too much real information]

[In March 1992 the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 102-14, a bill establishing a national religion based on the Zionist Talmud and the Jewish Torah .... which allows such punishments as 'beheading' - presumably it was only coincidence that a container broke open at the docks in New Orleans in late 1992, spilling its contents - guillotines!]

The most devastating earth changes are due to take place in the middle of this Middle East conflict, adding to the confusion, but not before the principal cities in the U.S., Britain, Russia and the Balkans have been destroyed by missiles of one kind or another. Once again it is interesting to note that, at the point where Man's attitudes and emotions are at their most negative (the height of battle) the major earth changes take place, emphasizing the effect that thoughts have on one's environment. Consider carefully at all times your attitudes and emotions.

North America has seen civil unrest before but is quite unprepared for terrorist activities and will have trouble coping with them when they break out. In March 1989 a pipe bomb exploded in the car of the wife of the captain of the U.S. vessel which fired the missile in the Persian Gulf at the hapless Iranian civil airliner, killing all onboard and unleashing an unprecedented wave of anger against the United States. An indication of what may still be in store.

A sign of the times is the many prophecies which have been and are still being made regarding the future of this planet. [Nostradamus had a lot to say about 1995, but again he saw it at that point in time as a probability]

A Roman Catholic seer foresaw terrorists blowing up the Empire State and other buildings in New York. State-of-the-art terrorist technology would have little trouble doing this today: in early 1989 some progress was finally being made in detecting plastic explosive smuggled on to aircraft, after a series of successful attempts by terrorist organizations in blowing up planes in flight during 1988.

[By 1992 particle beam weapons from space-platforms/cosmospheres were far more effective in destroying planes in flight, without leaving much in the way of clues. The clue is the reported YELLOW glow around the aircraft. RED lightning at night or GREEN flashes in the Californian skies indicate attempts to trigger earthquakes in the fault-ridden State by laser beam weapons. Note that many of today's earthquakes are preceded by 'booms' as well as flashes]


It takes very little indeed for law and order to fail. Think back to the last incidence of flooding or hurricane damage in North America - how long did it take for looting of shops and private homes to take place? In a 'civilised' society? It is not just in North America: it is a world-wide concern. The real problem is that the public will demand one world government to protect them from such ills. That too is part of the Plan! - Global Plan 2000 - you asked for it!

It is not surprising therefore that 'survivalist' organizations are increasing in both size and number, and that the hoarding of food supplies has become commonplace, although there are old laws about to be enforced which makes the hoarding of food a criminal offence and subject to seizure.

Imagine what would happen if social services failed (no pension, unemployment or other benefits), if unemployment skyrocketed, if utility services (power, light, heating, water and telephone) failed, if police and fire crews were not paid, if some sort of terrorism or outright warfare raged .... life in the city would be neither safe nor bearable ........the crime rate would reach unheard of heights, there would be little in the way of food - transportation would have broken down, gangs would rove the streets - and probably the countryside too.

Terrorism is much simpler for the instigator than outright war, and can be so devastating. We have seen the activities of unstable individuals who hold pharmaceutical companies to ransom by placing poisonous substances in capsules of household remedies in pharmacies, creating panic among the populace. The biological weapon is just as great a threat as the nuclear weapon, and will be joined by the chemical and radionics weapon: it is not that difficult for terrorists to hold a municipality to ransom by threatening to spread lethal, incurable germs that could multiply to epidemic proportions .... anthrax or even AIDS in the public water supply. Yet one should not believe that there is such a thing as an incurable disease: but there are of course people who cannot be cured.

At a Texas meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, held in November 1986 to discuss terrorism and how the U.S. should prepare to deal medically with terrorist attacks, the chief of U.S. military intelligence stated that terrorists could begin unleashing chemical, radiological or biological weapons within the next five years. Terrorists are no longer misguided idealists or social misfits seeking attention, but well-equipped and well-trained murderers. [it should also be realized that major power groups use terrorist tactics to lean people in the right direction]

There are still many people who sincerely believe that such a scenario is impossible: that government leaders will ensure that something of this nature does not come about - they are quite blind to the fact that the leaders of this world are very much aware of what is going on, that they have taken all possible precautions for their own safety and continued prosperity, and that the plight of the masses is not their concern, and might even be a positive factor in their continuance in power. One of the other factors of course is the conspiracy of secrecy - or the suppression of information, which is one of the secrets to monopoly in industry and commerce.

The misuse of knowledge at a high level is seen in the subjection of citizens of another country to extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which alter human moods: the Russians have been known to beam these 'microwaves' at the U.S. Embassy building in Moscow to create illness and extreme discomfort among the staff. What is even more interesting is the stationing of a huge armada of Russian submarines around the coasts of Western countries. The outbreak of criminal hooliganism in British football fans, which caused British teams to be banned from playing in Europe over the last two years, may well have been caused by the beaming of these waves at targets in Britain.

It is interesting to note that in 1986, this unrest had now broken out in European soccer (in spite of the absence of British teams). The targets may have been changed. This knowledge could have been put to good use in, for instance, the health field, but it is an excellent example of knowledge being suppressed on the one hand and used negatively rather than positively, on the other.

The informed view today is that the first major act of terrorism will have far-reaching ramifications for all of mankind. Cities and industrial areas may be obsolete by the late 1990s because they are too vulnerable to such attacks. Governments at all levels, major corporations and even private citizens may find it necessary to spread out over the countryside, linked together by long-distance computer cables (fibre-optics) and modern electronics rather then geographic proximity. The gregariousness of Man may suffer: his solitariness may contribute to the breakdown of society. Only spiritual renewal will see him through.


In spite of repeated talk over the years of the impending collapse of the European Economic Community this will not happen: it is the world's largest trading bloc. Empires come and go. The British Empire disintegrated, the Commonwealth is reeling, and the influence of the U.S. has waned steadily in recent years and may be quite ineffective by the close of this century. Commercial power is moving rapidly to the countries of Southeast Asia.

Members of the E.E.C. will be pushed into political union (Necessity is the real federator, said Jean Monnet of France), so political union - which has proved such a troublesome task - will be achieved suddenly. This is scheduled for 1992. [goal accomplished]

But the move will not end there. A one-world government [already well entrenched] may be triggered by economic crises and international turmoil and will be welcomed by all initially as a solution to the world's many problems ......but it will have been a long-planned dictatorship, based on the enslavement of the masses through the computer-controlled economic system - will the "mark of the Beast" be a highly developed credit or I.D. card? [actually a micro-dot, now issued but developing into a micro-chip, inserted into the forehead or wrist, ..... but don't avoid it if this should cause confrontation]

An economic and global condition could be created to cause a sense of panic among the masses, so that they will believe they have totally lost all hope and control over their lives. It is when this absolute confusion occurs that the powers seeking domination and change towards a one-world government will bring forth their answers to establish a solution to the problem they themselves created.

Russia too has reached the peak of its power and is due for significant changes, a revolution from within, a change in thinking, disassociation of its colonies (Hungary, Czechoslovakia and others) - probably by the early 1990s. If this opportunity is not taken, these changes may be effected from without - possibly a repeat of the Genghis Khan overthrow of Russia in the 13th century; but an attack by Islamic forces is not out of the question. It seems that Russia, like many other countries, has alternatives: but which path will she choose?

[this was an interesting forecast: the 'break-up' of the Soviet Union took place right on cue, but the same people are back in power, and the soviet bloc now had numerous votes at the U.N. instead of just ONE vote! There is an internal power struggle between two major factions, representing good and evil. Now it is a little clearer why Edgar Cayce stated that "in Russia lies the hope of the world"]


Let us not forget what Francis Bacon propounded in his essay "Of Adversity" - "Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes; adversity is not without comfort and hopes." Nor should we ignore J.B.Priestly's appropriate quotation: "The future can be seen, and because it can be seen, it can be changed." Again, prophecies are to WARN, so that Man can change his path before it is too late.

It was not raining when Noah built the ark. Scientists of the day told him there was not enough water in the oceans to reach the top of the mountains ....... but scientists today confirm that almost all the highest mountain peaks contain fossil remains of marine life. Not only that, but tops of hills abound with the fossil remains of non-gregarious animals who compulsorily gathered there for some reason.

There have always been prophets of gloom and doom, but there have also been many who warned without realization of personal gain from such prophecies. It is prudent to examine all sides of an argument: the more vehement the orator, the less likelihood of truth in his oratory. And in all the great tragedies of the past, there have been very few ("the wise") who listened ("trimmed their lamps") and therefore survived.

Once the cobwebs spun by the suppression of information have been cleared away, it will be easier to understand the calendar of events. Each new era of 2,000 or so years sees a radical change in the nature of mankind: each change is preceded by the birth-pangs of a new era, when it is necessary to do away with much of the old in order to establish the new. Materialism eventually gives way to spirituality. Will the year 2001 usher it in?

As Jeane Dixon foretells, much of mankind will be shocked into spiritual renewal by the holocaust of the 1990s. A new generation shall rise from the ashes of the present, leaving behind it the greed, avarice and hunger for power that typifies the older generation of today. Competition will be a thing of the past, replaced by cooperation.

As the 21st century dawns, mankind will have lived through one of the most crucial eras to have confronted humanity since modern history began. Life in the 21st century, once the dust of the previous age has settled, will be quite different to that which we generally consider today as the peak of civilization. What we call civilization has not brought true happiness, but rather discontent.

The major change will be in attitude. Natural laws will have overcome much of the past mismanagement of the environment. There will have been a spiritual renewal, with recognition of Man's true nature and purpose and his relationship to his Creator. Woman will share a major role in government. Suppressed technologies will replace those which had dominated before: science will take on new meaning.

But of the current 7 billion only 500 million may remain to experience a new age.

These trials and tribulations are the final examinations for mankind in again attempting to pass into an age of greater consciousness (the opportunity comes every 52,000 years) - the Age of Aquarius, which started in August 1987, an age of cosmic consciousness; trials which have been foretold for thousands of years, through the books of the Old and New Testaments, in the inscriptions of the Great Pyramid, and by countless seers. Isaiah spoke of the earth reeling and rocking like a drunkard: exactly what is involved in a shift of the earth on its axis.

Established public services will either fail or be ill-equipped to deal with the nature and extent of these changes, and most religious organizations will fail to understand the real outcome, so it will fall to many upcoming but unknown leaders, some returned especially for this purpose, to help mankind over this hurdle.

CANADA (especially Alberta) will play an important role in this scenario, as the new Garden of Creation. Prior to that, the greatest influx of refugees in man's recent history may flood in from Europe and South America in particular. Large groups (including scientists) have already left California and settled near the Canadian border, and this trend will undoubtedly increase as more and more individuals and groups become aware of the implications of the times in which we live. This will also contribute to the coming swing of power from the East to the West, and the growth of mid-western cities - and of a new Western Canada.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(First Rev May 87)

(Last Rev Sep 95)

Photograph added Jan 1997

This photo, published in the local Los Angeles press exactly one year ago, depicted two 'ships' which "remained stationary for hours in gale force winds " ........ Probably the clearest public indication of 'visitors' from outside this planet todate.

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